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​NEW Party-Ready Comfortable Heels for Dancing

​NEW Party-Ready Comfortable Heels for Dancing

30th Aug 2019

Ladies, everywhere – we’ve got the solution to comfortable party heels. In fact, these dressy party heels you can ACTUALLY wear all night long!

Whether you’re blessed with long legs or strut with shorter pins, we all want to look the part when it comes to special occasions and parties.

And the instant way to give your party outfit the ‘X-factor’ is with a pair of elegant party heels!

Thankfully, we provide the most comfortable heels to wear for women with bunions, wide feet and other foot problems, and you’re going to love our new addition…

Say hello to 'Sophie', the chic & comfortable high heel dress shoes for wide feet and bunions.

Dressy Party Heels for Bunions and Wide Feet

An elegant upgrade to your classic court shoes for bunions, ‘Sophie’ are the best party heels to wear to any occasion, from weddings to an evening out with friends.

These comfortable high heels for bunions feature a rounded party-ready block heel, adjustable strap for ease of wear and contains our innovative shoe technology which supports and cushions your feet!

Elegant party heels for bunions and wide feet

Before the launch of ‘Sophie’, we asked the Sole Bliss team for their thoughts about the new favourite comfortable party heel on the block.

Sarah, Marketing:

“I’m too short to not wear heels! Usually I’ll wear really high court shoes which I know aren’t doing me any good! Not anymore though – these are fabulous party heels. The perfect combo of height and comfort. These are going to be my new comfy heels for dancing!”

Amy, Logistics:

“Firstly, I LOVE the colour of these! I have a slight bunion which normally doesn’t bother me until a couple of hours into the night but honestly, these are a dream. The most comfortable and fashionable party heel I’ve ever worn, hands down”

Katie, Office Admin:

“I’m a big ASOS fan so I tend to buy my party heels from there, but the ‘Sophie’ heels are so lovely. They fit me perfectly and the memory foam layers are just wonderful. I recently wore mine to a wedding and lasted all night! ‘Sophie’ is THE comfortable party heel – I’m just waiting for some more invites now!”

Ready to get your comfortable heels for dancing on? View our full collection of comfortable and elegant party heels for bunions and wide feet on the SHOP page. 

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