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The Best Wide Fitting Shoes

The Best Wide Fitting Shoes

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay - Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss Shoes - Shoes for Bunions & Wide Feet

Choosing Wide Fit & Wide Toe Box Shoes: A Guide


Harley: Grey Snake - Wide Toe Box Trainers




How Can Wide Toe Box Shoes Help My Feet?

Whether it’s high heels or flat shoes, it’s a fact that women enjoy wearing shoes that offer some flair to their outfits and give them a boost of confidence! However, for women with wider feet, finding shoes that are elegant and on-trend can be challenging. Well not any more with our stylish orthopaedic shoes with a wide toe box.


There are several reasons why shoes with a wide toe box can help your feet. You may not necessarily have wide feet; if you have a bunion you may find that just the front of your foot is wide. In this case you need women's shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel. These shoes exist too! 


Shoes with a wide toe box decrease the pressure on your toes, prevent foot cramping and avoid unnatural stress on your joints and ligaments. If you suffer from bunions, shoes with a wide toe box will stop the pain that bunions can cause. You may need to look for extra wide women's shoes for bunions. If you suffer with hammer toes, claw toes or mallet toes, a wide toe box shoe will stop your foot from rubbing against the roof of the shoe. 


Sole Bliss is the leader in women's fashionable wide width shoes for problem feet. From wide feet and hammer toes to bunions and painful joints, all our shoes have a wide toe box which will cushion and accommodate these foot problems. 


Our award-wining, patent-pending technology includes a deep and wide toe box, allowing enough room for wide feet and other foot problems. Notably, the back of the shoes in our collection are narrow to provide extra grip and support, preventing your feet slipping in the shoes. Your feet are comforted with every step you take by our triple layer underfoot custom-cushioning memory foam.


Now women all over the world can enjoy indulgent comfort and style with our wide toe box shoes that are specially designed for women with wide feet, bunions, hammer toes and other foot problems.



Star Khaki Suede - Trainer Shoes with a Wide Toe Box





What is the Difference between Wide and Narrow Toe Boxes? 


You will be able to feel the difference between shoes with a wide toe box and a narrow toe box very quickly. If your toes feel cramped and you can feel pressure on these joints, then you need shoes with a wider toe box!


Shoes with a wide toe box will allow your big toe to anchor to the ground and stabilise the rest of your body. If you do not wear shoes with a wide toe box, you may notice less stability across the whole body. Your bodyweight needs to be evenly distributed across the whole foot in order to stabilise and correctly align your body. 



Ruby Sandals - Extra Wide Women's Shoes for Bunions




How Do I Know if I Have Narrow or Wide Feet? 


If your foot fits the length of the shoe but you are finding there is a lot of space on the sides, you most likely have narrow feet. Similarly if your foot fits the length of the shoe but you are finding them tight across the width of your feet, you probably have wide feet. 


It is important to know if you have narrow feet or wide feet so that you can invest in the correct footwear which you will find comfortable for your footshape. If you find that your foot is wide and you are in need of wide width shoes with a wide toe box, then discover the new collection by Sole Bliss.



What are Sole Bliss’ Best Stylish Shoes for Wide Feet with a Wide Toe Box?

1. The ‘Ingrid’ Heel - Wider Fit with an Almond-Shape Toe

Ingrid’ has proved to be very popular among our customers that are in need of something stylish with a lower heel. Moreover, the Ingrid heel has a wider toe-box to accommodate wider feet with or without bunions. Perfect for women who want something chic and office-appropriate or who are looking for something smart to wear for a special occasion.





2. The ‘India’ Heel - Wide Fit Low Sling-Back Heel with Adjustable Strap

A sling-back is gorgeous to dress up an outfit. The ‘India’ heel in our collection is fabulous for women with bunions or wide feet to enjoy supreme comfortable footwear whilst being on trend. The heel can be worn for any occasions from wedding appropriate events to summer parties. ‘India’ boasts an adjustable strap for maximum support for women of all foot shapes.




3. The 'Felicity' Flats - Wide Fit, Spacious Flats

Behold the super stylish Felicity flat, available in 3 versatile colours and features a spacious square toe shape at the front for women who require a wider fit. This is the ultimate occasion shoe with a sleek and sophisticated silhouette. 






4. The 'Ruby' Heel - Wide Toe Box Heel 

‘Ruby’ features a square toe shape and encapsulates on-trend elegance. It ensures the ultimate comfort for wider feet while maintaining a flattering fit. Ruby is perfect for extra wide feet! 





5. Luna & Lizzie - Flat Out Wide Fit Comfort

Looking for ballet flats for busy days? ‘Luna’ and ‘Lizzie’ are our wide fit ballet shoes adopting the award-winning comfort technology used in Sole Bliss high heels. With the help of the triple layered memory foam, you can walk in stylish comfort all day long! Available in a range of versatile colours and prints across the two lines.


There is a pair of Sole Bliss’ best stylish shoes for women with wide feet for every occasion!



Buyer Guide: Best Practice for Wide Fit Shoe Shopping

There are some factors you need to consider before picking your pair of fashionable wide fit shoes. It is extremely important that you wear correctly fitting shoes as we spend a great amount of time in shoes. Ill-fitting footwear can affect foot health as well as contribute to knee pain too.

It is advised to get your feet measured to find your ideal shoe size; however, size may depend on the style you go for.

Sole Bliss always recommends ordering two sizes to ensure the shoes are comfortable and fit both of your feet properly.

Go shoe shopping in the afternoon as our feet naturally swell throughout the day so, shoes must feel comfortable at this stage.

Shop our stylish wide fit shoes here.




If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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Team Sole Bliss xo

When it comes to comfort, Lisa Kay knows it all! Lisa has been a Shoe Designer for over 20 years. She has used her own experience dealing with bunions to create Sole Bliss - the shoe brand dedicated to women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Lisa has worked with Italian and Spanish artisans and the world’s leading podiatrists to create the best shoes for women with bunions and wide feet. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains an award-winning, podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology.

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