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Wide Feet

Wide Feet

The Very Best Shoes for Wide Feet

At Sole Bliss, we believe that every woman deserves beautiful shoes. That's why we design on-trend, luxuriously comfortable shoes for wide feet, bunions and other foot issues. 

Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes is designed for women with bunions. Our Wide Fit Collection is designed specially for women with wide feet too.

Our Wide Fit Footwear features a deep and wide toe-box which is ideal for women with wide feet and high insteps. The ingenious design of our wide-fitting footwear provides the equivalent width and volume of up to three sizes larger than your usual size. For example, if you normally take a size 5, our wide fit shoes offer the equivalent space of up to size 8 at the front. This width and depth is disguised to maintain a flattering fit.

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There's More!

In addition to a deep and wide toe-box, our Wide Fit shoes also benefit from all the features of Sole Bliss’ award-winning Comfort Technology, from ultra-soft cushioning to a hidden stretch panel for bunions and wide feet. This diagram outlines the benefits of our wide toe-box women's dress shoes.

Sole Bliss Heels Tech Diagram

The Bunion Bed®

An ingenious Cushioning Stretch Panel – called the Bunion Bed® - is strategically positioned inside your shoes. This takes the pressure off painful bunions and provides extra width where you need it the most. 


The Contoured Footbed

Underfoot in every shoe, you will feel the benefit of 3 distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, custom-cushioning memory foam. These are designed to offer the ultimate softness and cushioning, as well as shock absorption and everlasting support for your sensitive feet.

In addition to triple-layer cushioning, Sole Bliss closed-back shoes also contain our superior arch support: a small, memory-foam anti-pronation device to counter the inward rolling of the foot.

Stylish Shoes with Wide Toe-Box and Arch Support


All our shoes are designed with a wide toe-box and arch support to protect your feet. So what are the benefits of both arch support and a wide toe-box? Arch support improves your posture and stability and reduces over-pronation, which can lead to the formation of bunions.

Shoes with a wide toe-box can also help with foot problems like bunions and wide feet. All Sole Bliss shoes have a deep and wide toe-box so that your feet have plenty of room to relax in their natural state and reduce the likelihood of injury. You can read more about How Our Shoes Work here! 



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