At Sole Bliss, we believe that the MILLIONS of women who suffer from bunions deserve shoes which are fashionable, elegant AND comfortable too. It’s that simple!

From high heels & court shoes… to smart day shoes & boots, enjoy the best bunion shoes available – whatever your style. Inside every pair of these beautiful wide fitting shoes, you’ll find a deep toe box for your feet to relax and an invisible stretch panel to allow space for your bunions and wide feet. Three layers of underfoot memory foam provide the ultimate in comfort, with each shoe designed to disguise and conceal your bunions! Shopping for elegant shoes for bunions has never been easier! Shop Sole Bliss and finally find fashionable shoes which cushion & support your bunions and wide feet. We hope you’ll join our thousands of fans and enjoy blissful comfort from ‘The Most Comfortable Heels in the World!’

Introducing our Brand Ambassador!

TV’s Dr Dawn Harper has partnered with Sole Bliss Shoes as our Brand Ambassador!

A renowned media medic, author and television presenter, Dr Dawn is also known for her style and her love of heels. Dawn knows the struggle of finding fashionable shoes for bunion sufferers as one herself & has been wearing Sole Bliss shoes since we launched!

“The day I found Sole Bliss was honestly life-changing. They are the nicest shoes in my wardrobe and SO comfortable - they feel like SLIPPERS!”

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