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Best Sandals for Bunions

Best Sandals for Bunions


Lisa Kay

What are the Best Sandals for Bunions?



 Eliza White Leather - Bunion Sandals



Best Sandals for Bunions

Are you looking for the best sandals for bunions? Summer is here and that means it's time to get your toes out. But if you are worried about your feet and you need bunion correcting sandals or sandals that cover bunions, fear not! There are fashionable sandals for bunions out there.


A bunion is a bony lump at the base of the big toe which mars the otherwise straight line of the inner foot. The best sandals for bunions take this bony lump and foot shape into consideration and alleviate the soreness of bunions.


We will introduce you to the best sandals for bunions (including chic and fashionable sandals for bunions) and provide you with the top tips for bunion sandal shopping! 


We are very excited to introduce our new collection of Sandals for Bunions. These stylish sandals have been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort for bunions and sensitive feet while incorporating the latest trends in summer sandals.





Introducing our NEW Sandals for Bunions


Sole Bliss proudly presents the New Collection of Sandals for Bunions. All our sandals have been designed for women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Our bunion sandals are handcrafted in Italy from luxuriously soft leathers and suedes to provide total comfort this summer. 





So what makes these sandals so comfortable for bunions? Firstly, all our bunion sandals are crafted from luxuriously soft leathers and suedes. The best sandals for bunions are made from high-quality accommodating materials like leather which will stretch to avoid putting pressure on bunions. 


Whether you have bunions or not, we would always recommend wearing leather lined shoes in the summer so that your feet do not sweat as much in the warmer weather. All our bunion sandals are fully leather lined and have a leather sock for cool comfort. 


In addition to high-quality leather materials, the best sandals for bunions have a deep and wide toe-box. The toe-box is the area at the front of the shoes, and it needs to be wide enough to accommodate your bunions. 


If you have wide feet and bunions, look for wide-fit sandals for bunions. If you have slim feet and bunions, you don't necessarily need wide-fitting sandals for bunions; indeed these wide-fit sandals may be loose on you and slip at the heel. Instead you need to look for bunion sandals with a wide toe-box. 




Eliza Luxe Leopard - Bunion Correcting Sandals



All Sole Bliss sandals for bunions feature an ingenious stretch panel for bunions. We call this panel the Bunion Bed and it is strategically positioned across your bunion and will stretch as far as your bunions need it to. The Bunion Bed is cleverly concealed in the shoe lining and means that these sandals cover bunions while stylishly minimising their appearance. 


The best sandals for bunions do not have any stitching across the bunion area in order to prevent rubbing against this painful joint. Stitching can also limit how far the material can stretch and you need as much room as possible across the bunion area. Sole Bliss bunion sandals have a seam-free leather lining which never irritates your bunions or difficult joints. 




Eliza Khaki Suede - Sandals for Bunions



How To Pick Sandals For Bunions


Whether you're looking for sandals that cover bunions or sandals that give your bunions room to breathe, we would recommend looking out for these 4 important things: 

  1. Shop for leather or suede sandals for bunions.

  2. Look for sandals with a deep and wide toe-box.

  3. Ensure your sandals do not put pressure on your bunions

  4. Ensure your sandals do not have stitching across the bunion area.

If you have any questions about picking the best sandals for bunions, please feel free to contact the team at Sole Bliss.




Eve Fuchsia Suede - Sandals that Cover Bunions



How Can These Sandals Help With Bunions?


Sole Bliss sandals can help with your bunions! We spent 5 years designing the perfect shoes for women with bunions, wide feet and other foot issues. Our podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology will cushion and protect your bunions, while stylishly minimising their appearance. For fashionable sandals that cover bunions and prevent their worsening, look no further than Sole Bliss! 


Edie Nude Suede & Metallic Leather - Bunion Correcting Sandals



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