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Best Shoes for Gout

Best Shoes for Gout

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay - Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss Shoes - Shoes for Bunions & Wide Feet

What is Gout & What are the Best Shoes for Gout?


If you are looking for the best shoes for feet with Gout, it is very important to know what Gout is, how it can be helped and what Gout shoes will be most comfortable!


Gout is a very common, painful and uncomfortable type of inflammatory arthritis that is caused by the build-up of uric acid crystals in joints, and is often compared to severe bunions.


People with Gout pain can suffer and experience flare ups or attacks, just like arthritis. These types of attacks can include sudden episodes of intense pain, redness, swelling and extreme tenderness in joints.


Even though it occurs more in toes and feet, it can also occur in other joints where you would experience arthritis like your ankles, elbows, knees, wrists and fingers.


This article will provide advice on how to manage Gout and show you some of the best shoes for Gout sufferers, because stylish, comfortable Gout shoes do exist! 


 Luna: Natural Snake Print Leather

Luna: Natural Snake Leather - Best Shoes for Gout Sufferers


Causes and Symptoms of Gout


Gout pain is caused by a build-up of a substance called uric acid in the blood. If you produce too much uric acid or your kidneys don't filter enough out, it can build up and cause tiny sharp crystals to form in and around joints.


These crystals can cause the joint to become inflamed, which will often look extremely red and swollen and very painful and sore.


Gout pain in feet can often occur in the big toe, and can have some lingering discomfort that can last from a few days to a few weeks. Gout in heels is very common too. 


As Gout progresses, you may experience some limited range of motion, where you may not be able to move your toes or ankles as much.


Foot Gout often occurs mostly in men, however depending on your family history and gender, it can appear in anyone.


Most likely after women who have been through menopause, their chance of developing Gout is higher as uric acid increases between the ages of 30-50.


Certain medications like aspirin, and some medications used to control hypertension — including thiazide diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and beta blockers can also increase uric acid levels.


If you have undergone an organ surgery, prescribed anti-rejection medication can also increase your uric acid levels.


Stride White Leather - Men's Shoes for Gout Pain


Ways to Manage Gout


If you are suffering with Gout, it is important control your diet and pay attention to the foods you are regularly eating. Your diet is crucial when suffering with Gout, as food enriched with Purines can increase your Gout further.


Purines are found in foods such as red meats and organs and most seafood including mussels, scallops, sardines and tuna. Alcoholic beverages including beer, and sugary drinks including cocktails and fizzy drinks can also increase your chances of Gout.


To keep your Gout pain at bay, it is extremely important to try and maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, your body may start producing more uric acid and your kidneys will have a more difficult time eliminating these acids.


If you are experiencing Gout more regularly, you may have to be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications such as Prednisolone oral tablets, which has been shown to improve the symptoms of Gout in feet. If you have had a Gout attack you should pre prescribed Colchicine, which is used to reduce pain and inflammation within the first 24 hours.  


Cold therapy can offer significant pain relief by decreasing inflammation and dulling pain signals. If this treatment works for you, you can apply the cold pack intermittently throughout the day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.


It is extremely important to keep up with rest, and keep pressure off the affected area when you can. Luckily if you are wearing Sole Bliss shoes, you shouldn’t experience any form of pain or discomfort. We have a wide range of shoes for gout sufferers and women's gout shoes. 


Luna: Pale Grey Croc Leather - Flat Shoes for Gout




Features of the Best Shoes for Gout Sufferers


If you are looking for the best shoes for Gout pain, you need to have shoes that offer support, motion control and cushioning. All Sole Bliss shoes have 3 Layers of Memory Foam Cushioning – Including our Anatomically Contoured and Cushioned Foot-Bed, which will relieve pressure on the joints most commonly impacted by Gout.


The best shoes for Gout sufferers tend to be wide-fitting shoes. Gout shoes have a wide toe box to ensure your feet have enough room in case you experience a Gout flare up or attack. 


All Sole Bliss shoes offer a wide and deep toe box to ensure your feet have as much room as they need, in case of Gout attacks or flare ups. This extra space is particularly important around your big toe joints. Every shoe also has a stretch panel known as the Bunion Bed which provides extra space and comfort for Gout sufferers with bunions


The upper lining of shoes should be soft and stretchable. We recommend wearing leather Gout shoes, as leather is soft, breathable and durable. Leather Gout shoes will stretch over time and become softer with every wear. You may find you need further arch support or orthopaedic insoles to further support your feet and help ease pain from Gout.



Styles to avoid when looking for Shoes for Gout Pain


Adults who experience Gout flares or attacks, should avoid flimsy footwear such as flip-flops or unsupportive sandals. The best shoes for Gout are supportive with lots of cushioning, so any footwear which lacks this should be avoided.  


High heels are not recommended as suitable shoes for Gout sufferers either. High heels put extra pressure on the ball of your foot and toes, which is where Gout often occurs. This may end up making it even more painful and sore.


Even though high heels are not as suitable for Gout sufferers, Sole Bliss does offer high quality, comfortable and convenient lower heeled shoes, which are perfect shoes for Gout sufferers who need to dress up!


The worst type of shoes that can increase Gout pain are often high heels, poorly-made plastic shoes with no cushioning and support, hard wooden shoes like clogs and styles which offer very little support in the sole.




Star: White & Gold - Best Walking Shoes for Gout Sufferers




Best Walking Shoes for Gout


The best walking shoes for Gout sufferers are our beloved Miracle Trainers. These wide-fit, deep and spacious trainers for Gout and all types of foot problems are a must have in everyone's wardrobe! 


Our popular Miracle Trainers are the most suitable shoes for Gout sufferers due to their wide toe-box design and maximum cushioning which is built into these shoes. 


The three layers of memory foam cushioning and and anatomically-contoured foot-bed create the perfect base, perfect for anyone's tired and sore feet. 


On-trend and fashionable, our chunky sole unit provides maximum support and comfort, whilst also being shock resistant, which Gout sufferers really benefit from.


They allow your feet to move naturally and comfortably, while also being super practical and easy to slip on and off.


Adding laces and a zip enclosure to these shoes create a perfect size for everyone, as you can adjust them, to however tight or loose you need them. This is particularly helpful for Gout sufferers, in case of an attack or flare up. 


Browse our full collection of Miracle Trainers - the best walking shoes for Gout sufferers.

If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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When it comes to comfort, Lisa Kay knows it all! Lisa has been a Shoe Designer for over 20 years. She has used her own experience dealing with bunions to create Sole Bliss - the shoe brand dedicated to women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Lisa has worked with Italian and Spanish artisans and the world’s leading podiatrists to create the best shoes for women with bunions and wide feet. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains an award-winning, podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology.

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