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Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay - Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss Shoes - Shoes for Bunions & Wide Feet

Helping You Find the Best Shoes for Swollen Feet




Raven: Navy Suede & Snake - Heeled Boots for Swollen Feet




If you suffer with swollen feet, you may be searching everywhere for the best shoes for swollen feet or the best shoes for wide feet.


Well there’s good news for you shoe lovers! Stylish, comfortable wide fit shoes for swollen feet do exist. We are going to explain what makes a shoe comfortable for swollen feet and show you some of the best shoes you can wear, including wide feet trainers.



What makes a shoe comfortable for swollen feet?


There are a few key things to look for in swollen feet shoes:


  1. Look for shoes with a larger toe-box
  2. Look for shoes which offer breathability
  3. Choose wide fit shoes with lots of padding




Hero Stripe: Black Patent - Wide Trainers for Swollen Feet



1. Look for shoes with a larger toe-box


The best shoes for swollen feet will have a deep and wide toe-box. The toe-box is the area at the front of the shoe and this tends to be the widest part of the foot. So when your feet swell, it is important to have plenty of room here.


If your shoes do not have a wide toe-box, your feet may start to cramp and this can lead to other sorts of foot problems, including hammer toes and bunions


All Sole Bliss shoes feature a deep and wide toe-box (even the pointed toe styles!) which are designed to accommodate swollen feet and foot issues like hammer toes and bunions. Our Wide Fit Collection offers wider widths for the entire foot (not just the forefoot) and these are the best shoes for women with swollen feet. 




Ruby: Cherry Velvet - Wide Fit Heels for Swollen Feet




2. Look for shoes which offer breathability


The best swollen feet shoes are made from soft, breathable materials. We would always recommend shopping for leather wide fit shoes. Leather is breathable, durable, flexible and soft. 


When the weather heats up and our feet swell more than usual, leather shoes will rub your swollen feet much less than synthetic materials. For women with other foot problems such as hammer toes, bunions and difficult joints, leather shoes are always the best option as they rub less and are less likely to cause blisters. 


So when you are shopping for shoes for swollen feet, make sure you look for leather shoes which will keep your feet cool and help to reduce the swelling. 



3. Choose wide fit shoes with lots of padding


Padding is very important in a shoe for swollen feet, as it provides that much-needed comfort and support which helps reduce pain and pressure on the feet.


You should opt for shoes with soft cushioned soles which also offer shock absorption. This will protect your feet when walking on hard surfaces and prevent you from straining or injuring your swollen feet. 




Terri: Natural Snake - Loafers for Swollen Feet




What type of shoe do I need for swollen feet?


The best shoe for swollen feet is a shoe that is lightweight, padded with underfoot cushioning and support, and that is a wider fit. You need this extra support to keep the foot in its place and prevent further discomfort. And you need this wide fit to accommodate the swelling. 


 Vida: Black Suede

Vida: Black Suede - Strappy Shoes for Swollen Feet




What shoes does Sole Bliss recommend for swollen feet?


If you are looking for a more casual shoe for your swollen feet, we would recommend trying our Miracle Trainers. This award-winning shoe has a padded footbed which cushions your soles, a deep and wide toe-box that provides a roomy fit and the stretch panel that comforts any bunions or difficult joints.


Women with swollen feet can make the shoe even more accommodating by loosening the laces and opening up the shoe. Some days you may be experiencing swelling more than others, so this is a great function. The Miracle Trainers also have a functional side zip that you use to slip these trainers on and off easily.



Hampton: Silver Leather - Trainers for Swollen Feet



How can I manage my swollen feet?


We would always recommend wearing the right shoes for swollen feet. But in addition to choosing the correct footwear, here are a few top tips for managing swollen feet: 


Try practising yoga: One way to reduce swelling in your body (not just your feet) is to practise yoga and / or meditation. There are many yoga exercises you can practise which will help improve your blood circulation, reduce your stress levels and improve your immune system. This will help your body to deal with any kind of swelling, including swollen feet.

Use compression socks: In addition to wearing the correct shoes for swollen feet, compression socks have been proven to offer pain relief and avoid internal fluid retention in the body parts such as your ankles and feet.

Stay hydrated: If you are suffering with swollen feet, it is crucial that you keep your body hydrated. When your body is not hydrated enough, it holds onto the fluid it does have which contributes to swelling. Instead you need to ensure your body is getting all the fluids it needs.

Epsom salt: Epsom salts have a lot of healing properties. You can try taking a footbath with Epsom salts to decrease the swelling in your feet. Soak your feet for 20 minutes once or twice a week and you may notice the difference quite quickly! These footbaths should help reduce swelling by drawing out toxins, improving your circulation, decreasing inflammation and relieving your aches and pains. The combination of warm water and the mineral’s crystals can start the process of pushing blood through arteries and veins that may relieve stress almost immediately.




Faith Bronze Leather - Slingback Shoes for Swollen Feet 



What causes swollen feet?


If your feet have started swelling recently, you may be wondering what causes swollen feet. When the weather heats up, it is very common for our feet to swell. However there are more factors than hot weather to consider as causes of swollen feet. Here are a few of the main contributing factors:


Pregnancy: One of the main causes of swollen feet is pregnancy. Existing mums will know that our body goes through a lot of changes when we are pregnant and many women experience swollen feet during their pregnancy period. In some cases, pregnant women suffer from complications such as preeclampsia which can increase blood pressure and lead to excessive swelling on the ankles and feet.


Foot Injury: If you sprain your ankle or suffer another kind of foot or ankle injury, you may end up suffering from swollen feet. If you are exercising, remember to wear the right kind of footwear to support your feet and ankles and avoid this kind of injury. 


Oedema: Oedema is a health condition where your body retains too much fluid, which causes swelling in the feet or ankles. You can read more about this health condition on the NHS website here. Remember to see a doctor if your condition does not improve. 


Blood Clots or Infections: Diabetics and those with a high cholesterol level can experience blockages of the blood vessels. When this happens, an internal infection can cause fluid to leak out of the blood vessels and cause swelling on your feet and on the ankles.


Skin or Toenail Problems: It is very common for our skin to thin as we age. Thinner skin is more vulnerable to cuts which can become infected, causing swelling around the area near the wound. A cut on the foot can cause the whole foot and ankle to swell. Ingrown toenails that dig into the skin also can lead to sores and swelling.


Side Effects from Medication: There are certain medications that can cause side effects to your body such as skin irritation and swelling.


 Felicity: Black Leather & Patent


Felicity Black leather & Patent - Wide Fit Flats for Swollen Feet




If you are looking for comfortable, stylish shoes for your swollen feet, take a look at our new collection of Wide Fit Shoes for Swollen Feet. All Sole Bliss shoes are designed with a deep and wide toe-box and extra room for difficult toes and joints. To read more about how our shoes work, click here.


Customers with Swollen Feet


For those struggling to find shoes for swollen feet, discovering the right product is a game-changer for comfort and relief. Sole Bliss shoes are tailored to tackle the challenges linked to foot conditions from swollen feet, offering a deep and wide toe box to prevent toe cramping, and triple layer cushioning to cushion and comfort sensitive soles.  

Rather than just taking our word for it, we have linked below a swollen feet customers review who shares a first hand experience, showcasing the transformative impact of Sole Bliss shoes. This review validates its effectiveness and serves as a trusted reference for others seeking similar relief.


"I bought both the Hero and Hampton sneakers for my mom who is in her mid 70s with mild bunions and she loves them! She recently went on a tour of Japan and wore them throughout the three weeks. She said they were very comfortable and easy to wear despite her swollen feet from air travel. She normally uses an anti-chaffing stick to ensure that she doesn't get blisters and found that she didn't even need that with these sneakers." - Julie

If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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Team Sole Bliss xo

When it comes to comfort, Lisa Kay knows it all! Lisa has been a Shoe Designer for over 20 years. She has used her own experience dealing with bunions to create Sole Bliss - the shoe brand dedicated to women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Lisa has worked with Italian and Spanish artisans and the world’s leading podiatrists to create the best shoes for women with bunions and wide feet. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains an award-winning, podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology.

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