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Your Style Dilemmas Solved with Sole Bliss!

Your Style Dilemmas Solved with Sole Bliss!

25th Feb 2019

Style Dilemmas finally sorted for those with Bunions and Wide Feet!

Some people have feet that cause them no issues; some have the most problematic feet making it so difficult for them to find comfortable, stylish footwear.

Well, finally there is a shoe brand for ladies dedicated to designing shoes that are luxuriously comfortable, chic all while accommodating to different foot shapes and issues. You guessed it, Sole Bliss, Stylish Shoes for Ladies with Bunions!

In the latest issue of Yours Magazine, the ‘Style Dilemmas Solved’ feature included our shoes! K White wrote to the magazine looking for some guidance:

“I have terrible bunions, but would love some pretty shoes. Can you suggest any comfy footwear that will look nice?”

Yours magazine says:

“…Perfect if you’re looking for a shoes for a special occasion. Sole Bliss offers dedicated bunion-friendly footwear with comfort features such as stretch panels and memory foam underfoot layers. They’re attractive too and each has a coordinating bag”

The shoes featured were our classic ‘Ayda’ in Taupe glitter and the ‘Harper’ embellished heel named after our brand ambassador Dr Dawn Harper!

Yours Magazine covering fashionable Sole Bliss shoes designed for bunions and wide feet

Sole Bliss Elegant Harper High Heel

Our footwear for bunions has some distinctive features:

  • 3 layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, custom-cushioning memory foam
  • The ‘kuki’ – a small memory foam pillow inside your shoe to protect against over-pronation
  • cleverly constructed ‘toe box’ to provide depth and space at the front of the shoe
  • Luxuriously soft materials for ultimate comfort

For more information, check out how our innovative shoe technology works. View our full range of stylish and comfortable shoes for ladies with bunions and wide feet.

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