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Walk Confidently in Heels

Walk Confidently in Heels

Posted by Kinga Vagany on 24th Mar 2020

Designing Stylish Heels for Women Who 'Can't Wear Heels'

Enter  Sole Bliss the world of stylish heels  dedicated to women who suffer from bunions and other foot issues, have wider feet than average or who simply find that wearing heels all day long has become too painful.

According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, what we choose to wear (“the psychology of dress”) reveals a great deal about our self-image and our self-esteem. What we wear can help us feel better in ourselves. ¹

Likewise, feeling that we are unable to wear certain items of clothing can severely affect our confidence.

For many women it’s all about wearing heels – heels which make them feel empowered, elegant, feminine, or taller (literally) … the list goes on.

In heels, we stand up straight, walk proudly and feel ready to take on the world!

How does the Sole Bliss collection of stylish shoes address foot issues such as bunions or wide feet?

1. A deep and wide toe box with a circumference of up to 3 sizes larger than the usual shoe size giving toes space to breathe and relax

2. A triple layer underfoot cushioning system of high quality, anti-bacterial memory foam to cushion, support and protect

3. A cleverly hidden, strategically placed stretch panel (Bunion Bed®) to accommodate painful bunions and wide feet

4. A small memory foam pillow inside the shoe to keep feet in the correct position and protect against pronation.

“We have received literally thousands of notes from women thanking us for giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable, confident and happy with their footwear choices again.”

-Lisa Kay

With 91% of women² claiming to worry about what heels to wear for their special occasions, these Sole Bliss heels may just be the confidence boost they’ve been looking for!

These miracle heels have been regularly spotted on Dame Helen Mirren and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, confident public figures who spend many hours a day on their feet.

View the full  collection of stylish Sole Bliss shoes for bunions. If you have any queries about sizing or styles, contact our friendly customer care team who are all experts in the shoe department. 

Team Sole Bliss xo

¹ Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner. You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You (2012).

² Figures obtained from a Sole Bliss customer survey with 881 respondents

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