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Tips for Wearing Heels Again

Tips for Wearing Heels Again

Posted by Abi Webster on 22nd Jul 2020

Slipping on a pair of heels seems like a distant memory but Sole Bliss is here to ease you back into wearing heels again!

Having stayed at home for months, we're used to grabbing our most comfortable ballet flats, slippers or just opting to go barefoot! It was estimated that sales of flats soared by 60% in the past 4 months¹. However, with the U.K. entering post-lockdown life and many of us prepare to see friends; it's time to dust off our much loved heels. Here's some of our top tips for wearing heels again:

1. No More Bare Feet in the House

Walking barefoot for long periods of time on hard surfaces, like kitchen tiles, can quickly put strain on your arches or cause inflammation to your heels. If you're going to wear heels again, your feet need to be in good shape, as the affect of walking barefoot or with poorly cushioned shoes on hard surfaces can make wearing heels very painful.

Snake Print Leather Ballerina for Bunions

2. Wear Comfortable Heels! 

Always choose heels with soft supportive underfoot cushioning and shock absorption to protect your feet from hard surfaces. It is important to make sure the toe box is wide enough for your feet to breathe, which is why every pair of Sole Bliss shoes feature a wide and deep toe box. Remember that your feet may swell during the warmer weather.

Pebble Suede Heel with Scalloped and Bow Detailing

3. Alternate Between Heel Heights

Studies have shown that by switching between shoes with different heel heights, can give your calf muscles a workout. Wearing heels contracts your muscles, whereas wearing flats extends them. By alternating between heel heights, you're strengthening your calf muscles without even noticing. Podiatrists recommend doing calf exercises to help build up the muscles in your calf¹, as after all, a strong calf makes it easier to wear heels!

Navy Suede Sling-Back Block Heels Worn with Jeans

4. Remember: Walk Slowly!

Walking in heels is not a race and will be tricky for some to readapt to. Remember to keep your back straight and take your time - it's all about the posture and confidence!In our survey taken back in March 2020, 98% of our customer told us that wearing fashionable yet comfortable heels makes you feel more confident. So, slip on a pair of Sole Bliss heels for bunions and wide feet, and treat yourself to the confidence boost you deserve!

Tan Suede Ballet Flat with Buckle Embellishment


1. Try not to be barefoot on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

2. Wear comfortable heels.

3. Alternate between heel heights.

4. Remember to walk slowly.

View the full collection of stylish Sole Bliss shoes for bunions, wide and sensitive feet. If you need help with sizing or our styles, please contact our friendly customer care team who are all experts when it comes to shoes!

P.S. Our BRAND NEW comfortable loafers for bunions and our wide fit trainers for bunions will be launching very soon!


Happy Shopping, Team Sole Bliss xo


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