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The Mystery of Large Shoes Sizes

The Mystery of Large Shoes Sizes

Posted by Kinga Vagany on 27th Dec 2019

Sole Bliss isn’t just about shoes for bunions, we care for our customer’s health.

It’s time to get educational with Sole Bliss! There’s so much more behind choosing our shoes than you think. There are interesting facts from shopping habits to shoe sizes so, here’s our advice to ensure you end up with a pair of pretty shoes AND healthy feet !

Shoe Shopping Problems

The College of Podiatrist’s recent survey found that 68% of respondents do not measure their feet and therefore might shop the wrong shoe size. Whereas 66% don’t try on the shoes before purchasing.

It is extremely important that you shop the correct size and fit, because ill-fitting shoes can be the cause of foot health issues that affect your ankle, knees and even your hips! This can be the root of general foot pain too, but all can be avoided if we take time to find the right pair of shoes for us.

Sole Bliss discussing feet with bunions and the best shoes to wear for bunions.

Sole Bliss Tip: Have you put a new pair of shoes on in the morning, but barely making it through the day because they are so uncomfortable? We recommend trying shoes on several times before deciding if they are right. Always try shoes on in the afternoon- especially if you’re seeking shoes for bunions - as this is when our feet are at the biggest due to the natural swell that develops throughout the day. This simple trick will ensure your feet’s comfort all day long!

Pandora black suede worn by a model; which is part of Sole Bliss' comfortable shoe collection for bunions.

The same survey by The College of Podiatrist also revealed that out of 2000 respondents 56% have bought shoes online in the past year. Majority of us are guilty of keeping shoes that we ordered online, thinking they will get more comfortable over time due to their love of the design or because of the returns policy.

Sole Bliss’ mission is to ensure women can feel empowered while wearing pretty AND comfortable shoes tailored to their individual needs. Being an e-commerce business, we took this issue on board and developed a fast and convenient return & exchange policy that encourage our customers to exchange shoes that are not the right fit or size.

Sole Bliss demonstrates how well accommodating their collection of shoes are for bunions and other feet problems.

The Large Shoe Size Issue

There’s more behind the difficulty of finding the right shoe size.

According to a BBC article on large foot sizes by Caroline Bullock ; the average UK woman shoe size has increased by two whole sizes. This average shoe size is a 6, meaning we should see a wider range of sizes all the way up to a 9. However, most shoe retailers lack larger sizes, or they offer limited options.

At Sole Bliss, we pride ourselves on a wide range of comfort shoes for bunions and all foot shapes and sizes, so women can find fashionable shoes – from flats to high heels and boots - that suites their foot shape.

The UK population naturally went through a growth in stature, flagging the need for wider and larger shoe sizes. During the 1980s, the British shoe industry went through a huge change as majority of shoe manufacturing moved overseas to China. This cut manufacturing costs and enabled the fashion industry to handle and evolve with fast moving trends. The result of this affected our foot health negatively as shoes were sampled on Chinese women, who genetically have smaller and narrower feet compared British women’s feet.

Sole Bliss' shoe collection for bunions during the manufacturing process.

Some shoe designers have the right source of manufacturers but simply ignore larger sized feet because their perception revolves around having petite feet. However, shoes designer, Lisa Kay, spent five years researching for Sole Bliss to develop a collection of fashionable shoes, that women with problematic feet, such as bunions and wide width can enjoy. Our shoes are made in Spain and Italy, then tested in the UK to ensure they fit well.

Don’t be afraid to order from us as international customers can find a size guide on our website to help find the right size. Also, our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer any of your queries.

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