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Best Shoes with a Wide Toe Box

Best Shoes with a Wide Toe Box


Lisa Kay


Best Wide Toe Box Shoes for a More Comfortable Fit



Luna Nude & Cream Leather - Wide Toe Box Flats




Comfort is king – from the morning school run to glamorous red carpet events. But finding shoes that blend style with comfort can be a challenge, particularly if you suffer from common foot conditions like bunions, claw toes, or hammer toes.


If that sounds like you, you may be considering buying a pair of wide toe box shoes in a bid to avoid pesky pains such as foot cramping or blisters, typical when wearing a standard pair with a narrower end.


Concerned they might look too bulky? Don’t worry! Our super-stylish orthopaedic shoes prove that a wide toe box can not only feel good but look fabulous too. In this blog, we'll explore how to find the perfect shoe for you, so the only thing left to worry about is which accessories to pair them with!



How we picked the Best Wide Toe Box Shoes


Long gone are the days when wide-toed shoes forego style; at Sole Bliss, we have carefully picked out the best styles of shoes to provide sufficient space for wide feet and bunions without coming last in the fashion stakes.


All our shoes from our Wide Fit footwear collection feature a deep and wide toe box, which provides an ingenious design that is the equivalent width and volume of up to three sizes larger than your usual size, large enough so your feet can relax into the shoe without squeezing into any tight spaces.


In addition to this, our revolutionary stretch panel, the Bunion Bed®, is strategically positioned inside your shoes to accommodate bunions and wide feet, cushioning and supporting them in blissful comfort. The Bunion Bed® is cleverly concealed within the shoe lining, making it invisible from the outside and stylishly minimising the appearance of bunions.


And for extra comfort? Our shoes are made from luxuriously soft Italian and Spanish leathers, of the finest quality, and in a vast range of styles including high heels, loafers, and even ballet flats.



Our Top Picks of Wide Toe Box Shoes


At Sole Bliss, we believe that every woman deserves beautiful shoes – and that includes those with wide toe boxes. Discover our top picks and step into style and comfort with our latest collection.



Best Women’s Overall Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




Hero: Black Leather - Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




Meet Hero – the best trainer for bunions and wide feet!


Available in a range of colours, including black, taupe, white, navy, and khaki, Hero is our leading trainer with a wide toe box for overall style and comfort. Handcrafted in Italy with an anatomically contoured, luxuriously padded footbed, seam-free leather lining, and a stretch panel for bunions and wider feet, there’s a reason we’ve named this design Hero!



Best for High Arches




Ingrid: Fuchsia Suede - Heels with a Wide Toe Box




With event season on the horizon, what better colour than striking fuchsia to ‘wow’ your friends and family?


Coming with a matching bag, these shoes are ideal for parties and weddings. Ingrid is handcrafted from luxuriously soft fuchsia suede and features a chic silhouette with a smart block heel. A rounded almond toe-shape provides extra width, a stretch panel accommodates mild to severe bunions, and three layers of underfoot cushioning comfort sensitive soles, offering superior anti-pronating arch support.


As with all Sole Bliss shoes, they feature a deep and wide toe-box to accommodate wide feet and conditions like bunions and hammer toes. 



Best Men’s Overall Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




MEN'S Stride: Navy Leather - Men's Shoes with a Wide Toe-Box




Nobody should miss out on style thanks to Sole Bliss’ Men’s Collection. Our Stride and Statement trainers, in smart leathers feature a full leather lining and a wide toe-box design. Including the Bunion Bed stretch panel and our anatomically contoured, cushioned footbed, these are the best men's shoes for plantar fasciitis, bunions and other foot needs.



Best Running Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




Sprint: White Leather & Multi Pastel - Wide Toe Box Trainers




Sprint by name, sprint by nature! These ultra-cushioned trainers are equipped with the Bunion Bed stretch panel and a wide toe box, ensuring an ideal fit for both bunions and wide feet. Their anatomically contoured footbed, paired with a low, 2.5 cm shock-resistant sole, makes them the perfect lightweight shoe for training.



Best Walking Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




Feather: White Leather - Wide Toe Trainers




Feel like you’re walking on air with our new ‘Feather’ design. Lightweight and versatile, the Feather wide toe box trainer boasts all our signature comfort features on an ultra-light and low sole. Luxurious underfoot cushioning protects your feet with every step, and our Bunion Bed and wide toe-box perfectly accommodate bunions and wide feet.



Best for Overpronators




Nova: Black Suede - Flat Shoes with a Wide Toe Box




If you are living with over-pronation, also known as flat feet, you can’t go wrong with our Nova design. Classic and chic, these pumps are crafted from super-supple and soft black suede and feature anti-pronating arch support, which comes in the form of a small memory foam pillow to counteract your foot rolling inward. Triple-layer underfoot cushioning and the Bunion Bed stretch panel combine to afford the ultimate in comfort and support.



Best for Everyday Wear




Prince: White Leather - Wide Toe Box Loafers




Crafted in Italy from the finest leather and featuring a full leather lining and an ingenious seam-free design, Prince stands strides ahead of other loafers.


Our Bunion Bed cushions painful joints, which are often irritated by the stitching inside ordinary loafers, while its luxurious underfoot cushioning and on-trend chunky platform sole make it a perfect everyday look.



Do you need wide toe box shoes?


Now that you’ve seen some of the pairs we have on offer, you may be wondering if you fit the criteria for shoes with a wide toe box.


Firstly, if your foot fits the length of your shoes but you’re finding your toes often feel cramped and squeezed, it might indicate that you may need some extra wiggle room. Also, when you’re trying on shoes, make sure you pay careful attention to how your shoes are fitting in the toe area.


Do they feel restricted? Are you struggling to move your toes around freely? Do you regularly suffer from blisters or rubbing? If the answer to all three questions is yes, this may indicate that shoes with a wide toe box are necessary.


If the upper part of your shoes, especially around the toe box, shows excessive stretching, then it is likely that your shoes are too narrow. However, if you’re still unsure, consider consulting a podiatrist or a professional shoe fitter who can provide a detailed foot analysis and recommendations based on your specific needs.



Trinity: Sky Blue Suede - Loafers with a Wide Toe Box




What to Look For in Wide Toe Box Shoes


So, you’ve confirmed that you need shoes with a wide toe box, but where do you begin? Firstly, and it may seem obvious, but ensure that you choose a pair of shoes specifically designed for wide feet, ensuring your toes have ample room to spread naturally without feeling the pinch.


Aside from this, there are several other features to look out for. Shoes with a wide toe box should fit well, securing your heel and midfoot without slipping, while still allowing your toes some freedom. Additionally, you should have good arch support, especially if you’re wearing your shoes for a long period of time.


At Sole Bliss, we are proud to offer shoes which boast superior arch support, thanks to three layers of high-quality, anti-bacterial, custom cushioning memory foam. This cushion does more than provide comfort; it also acts as an anti-pronation device to counter the inward rolling of the foot.


We would also recommend looking for shoes with adjustable features, such as laces, buckles or straps. This can help you to customise your fit, ensuring extra comfort and stability, which is especially important in wide toe box shoes to ensure they aren’t too loose.


Finally, we always recommend ordering two sizes to ensure the shoes are comfortable and fit both of your feet properly, as even different models from the same brand can vary slightly in size.




Verity: Nude Leather - Wide Toe Heels





How do you know if your Toe Box is Wide enough?


Still unsure if your toe box is wide enough? Let us break down the key factors you need to look out for while wearing your new shoes:


  1. Your toes should be able to wiggle freely without restriction.
  2. Your toes should be able to lay flat and point forward naturally, without being pushed inwards or forced to overlap.
  3. Take your thumb and place it on top of your longest toe. The width of your thumb should be the minimum amount of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.
  4. Don’t forget to consider the sides of your shoes; if they press painfully against the sides of your feet or create bulges in the material, then you need a wider toe box.
  5. Are your shoes comfy while you walk? Pay close attention to how you walk while wearing them. Your toes should remain comfortable without feeling squeezed.



Are there any Activities for which Wide Toe Box Shoes are particularly good?


You’ve found your perfect pair and are ready to seize the day, but which activities are improved by wearing wide toe box shoes? Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to know that hiking and trail running are ideal. Wide toe box shoes allow your feet to spread naturally, aiding balance and stability on uneven terrain—great news for hikers navigating rocks, roots, and varying inclines.


Long-distance runners and walkers will also benefit from wide toe box shoes. Since feet typically swell during prolonged activity, having extra room in your shoes can help reduce the risk of blisters and chafing. For keen walkers, this extra space can also lessen the likelihood of developing or worsening foot conditions such as bunions and hammertoes, ultimately avoiding fatigue and pain.


By choosing the right wide toe box shoes, you’re not just investing in your comfort but also in the health of your feet. To view our full range please visit:



Hero: Taupe Croc Patent Leather - Comfy Wide Toe Box Shoes



If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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