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Did Meghan Markle's Heels Cause Her Bunions?

Did Meghan Markle's Heels Cause Her Bunions?

28th Feb 2019

Even the Glamorous Royals get Bunions too!

We all love to know what Meghan Markle wears from head to toe on a daily basis, but since the Duchess went barefoot during her debut royal tour in New Zealand; there’s been non-stop chatter about her bunions!

The Duchess suffers from bunions which is a common foot problem affecting 10 million women in the UK alone. Bunions can be painful, embarrassing and a nuisance to bunion sufferers, particularly to those who enjoy fashionable footwear such as stylish Meghan who often finds it hard to resist a pair of high heels.

Megan Markle also suffers of bunions

Why does Meghan Markle have Bunions?

As podiatrist Robert Duff told Femail (Daily Mail):

‘Wearing heels excessively can definitely lead to the development of bunions. This may be the cause in Meghan’s case”.

Nevertheless there are various reasons for how bunions may occur, some of which are out of our control…

Megan Markle attending an event wearing a sandal that shows off her bunions

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a misaligned toe joint which manifests itself as a bony lump at the base of the big toe. It occurs when the long foot bone shifts outwards towards the other foot & the big toe moves inwards towards the second toe resulting in a misalignment.

 Example of a bunion feet also known as hallux valgus

What causes bunions?

There are a number of causes for bunions to develop:

  1. Genetics
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Tight calf muscles
  4. Obesity
  5. Poorly fitted footwear
  6. Conditions/Syndromes

Click here to learn more about what causes bunions on the National Bunion Day website.

What are good shoes for bunions?

When it comes to buying shoes specifically made for bunions, it can be a challenge to find a glamorous style that delivers on superior comfort to ensure your bunions are supported and concealed.

But at last, the verdict is out and bunion sufferers CAN enjoy high heels! Orthopaedic keyhole bunion ­specialist Kumar Kunasingam claims in the Mirror:

“Although high heels are not thought to help bunions, there is no need to avoid them. Instead, wear shoes that do not cover the top of bunions or rub”.

We have an answer to women who need a pair of elegant shoes for bunions so they can feel AND look glam!

All of our shoes are designed especially for ladies with bunions and wide feet which incorporates our innovative ‘Juanet’ shoe technology, high-cut designs to avoid cutting into the bunion area & gorgeous, luxurious materials.

Royalty can have bunions and look fabulous, and now so can you! Shop our full Sole Bliss collection, enjoy indulgent comfort and dress like royalty!

Shop now for bunion footwear like you’ve never seen before…

Read more about the Duchess’ experience with high heels & bunions during her Royal Tour.

What other celebrities suffer from bunions?

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