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"When your brochures arrived at my busy practice, I glanced at the photo on the cover and almost consigned them to the bin. These couldn’t be suitable for my patients, could they? Looking through and finding pictures of genuinely difficult feet, I paused and read on. I’m really impressed with your shoes, and I’ve handed out lots of brochures to patients who never thought they would be able to wear pretty, elegant shoes again. They are thrilled to bits!

 You also sent me a sample shoe, and I can appreciate the beautiful workmanship and materials. Well done Sole Bliss, for producing a well designed and researched product that will have a really grateful customer base". 

 - Liz, Podiatrist 

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"For the first time in my life I can wear elegant shoes!! The shoes arrive within a couple of days and returns (2 sizes ordered initially) are refunded immediately. All in all a blissful experience :)"
- Pippa
"I never thought I'd be able to find shoes that look great and feel comfortable as I have bunions! It's my daughter's wedding next year and I'm so happy to have discovered Sole Bliss - gorgeous, wearable shoes!"
- Angela 

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"I've just taken delivery of my first pair of Sole Bliss shoes. I was very sceptical that any shoe that looked as lovely as these could possibly be comfortable on my bunions - but you have proved me wrong. I've been wearing them around the house for 2 hours now with no sign of any discomfort. The quality is also excellent so I'm now a convert and will definitely be coming back for more! Thank you so much."
- Ann 
"Although I don't have bunions, my feet hurt after several hours wearing heels until I found Sole Bliss!! My brother is getting married next week and I know that I will not need to worry that my feet will sting by the end of the day! Your shoes are extremely comfortable and stylish which don't tend to go hand in hand. Thank you so much!"
- Mandy 

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"Love these shoes! So nice not to have my bunions hurting and so cushioned throughout."
- Kim 
"I am so pleased with my Sole Bliss shoes. Most comfortable shoes I have ever had. Customer Service is 5 star. I required shoes urgently and I received them in 17 hours. They were so helpful when I phoned. Anyone who has problems with bunions should try these shoes,
they are so comfortable from day 1."
- Cary 
"The shoes are 5 Star quality. They are beautiful and extremely comfortable. After wearing them for an entire day, my bunions were not a problem. I purchased one pair and plan on buying more."
- Judy 
"These shoes are amazing! I know these shoes are good for bunions, well I don't have any bunions but the extra width & cushioning that they have makes these shoes really comfortable! I have spent years crippling my feet in heels that pinch & rub, but these are the first pair of heels I have been able to wear all day without hurting. Thank you Sole Bliss!"
- Sandra
"I have been suffering from bunions on both feet for a while and I accidentally came across Sole Bliss. I tried on 1 pair and have found them so comfortable and easy on my bunion that I’ve ordered another 2 pairs. The customer service too, far exceeded my expectations."
- Naaz
"Omg just had my first night out in them, as comfortable as you claim and I'd hoped. THANK YOU. Have four big events coming up in the next few weeks and am actually looking forward to getting back into my new Sole Bliss shoes. Well done Lisa Kay, you are a genius."
- Aviva
"It is many, many years since I wore heels. I love my new shoes, they are so comfortable, and best of all there are no sign of my bunions."
- Vicky 
"My shoes arrived today and would just like to pass on to your customer service team how pleased I am with them and the first rate service. Slipping on the shoes for the first time was a revelation, no pinching my bunions! And stylish to boot (no pun intended!) Thank you so much I’m definitely going to become a regular customer!"
"Love these bunion shoes. Just bought my second pair. Expensive but worth it! I love pretty shoes but have terrible feet, bunions on both feet. I have lots of pairs of shoes that I buy, wear a couple of times and give up on because they hurt! Just sold 6 pairs on eBay to buy more Sole Bliss shoes. Looking forward to flatter one due to come out this summer. Thank you Sole Bliss I can now enjoy wearing pretty shoes!"
- Ann 
"I have just bought my second pair of Sole Bliss shoes and I'm so impressed with the comfort as I rarely find any shoes comfortable enough to walk in for any distance. They are of superb quality and style, I will definitely be buying more!"
- Gillian 
"I had stopped wearing heels years ago until my sister told me about Sole Bliss. I haven’t looked back since purchasing my first pair. The shoes are both stylish and extremely comfortable. Excellent quality as well"
- Diane

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