How our Shoes Work


A New Technology in Every Pair of Elegant Sole Bliss Bunion Shoes

Do you suffer from bunions or wide feet and always struggle to find footwear which is comfortable AND stylish?


Look no further, Sole Bliss technology guarantees the most comfortable shoes in the world‘! And here’s how we do it…

Slip your feet into a pair of Sole Bliss shoes and feel the instant bliss that our patent-pending Juanet Technology® provides. You won’t see what is going on inside the shoes, but you will feel the benefit of the unique combination of components which ensure that your bunions are cushioned and your feet are comforted with every step you take.




The Bunion Bed®


 The revolutionary Bunion Bed® is a strategically positioned stretch panel inside your shoes which takes the pressure off your painful bunions, cushioning and supporting them in blissful comfort. Cleverly concealed within your shoes, the Bunion Bed® is invisible from the outside and stylishly minimises the appearance of your bunions.


The Triple Layer Cushioning


 Under the footbed of each shoe you will feel the benefit of 3 distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, custom-cushioning memory foam. Each layer has its own remarkable properties, providing you with maximum comfort and support:

  • The Top Layer offers ultimate softness and cushioning under your entire foot.
  • The Middle Layer custom contours around your foot and perfectly fits your foot shape to provide everlasting support for your bunions and in your most sensitive areas.
  • The Base Layer provides high performance shock absorption and protects the ball of your foot as you walk.


The ‘Kuki’


 Bunions are often formed or exacerbated by your feet pronating (rolling inwards) as you walk. With Sole Bliss technology, you will be protected against this over-pronation by the ingenious ‘kuki’ – a small memory foam pillow inside your shoe. The ‘Kuki’ keeps your foot in the correct position and counters this inward movement.


The Stylish Construction


 A cleverly constructed ‘toe box’ within your shoes ensures that your feet have plenty of space to breathe and relax. In fact, they have an equivalent circumference up to 3 sizes bigger than your usual shoe size around the widest part of the foot, whilst still fitting the foot neatly at the back of the shoe. Your toes will be comforted whilst your heels fit neatly into the back of your shoes. You no longer have to squeeze your feet into uncomfortable heels or take a larger size to accommodate your painful bunions. Look and feel great as you wear shoes specifically designed to avoid any sensitive areas, at the same time reflecting current fashions and footwear trends.


The Luxurious Materials


 A dedicated team of artisans expertly hand-craft your Sole Bliss shoes using only the finest kid suedes, leathers and Italian fabrics. Step into the luxuriously soft, pale pink leather lining and enjoy the blissful comfort you’ve been dreaming of!

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