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Shoes for an Autumn Wedding

Shoes for an Autumn Wedding

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay - Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss Shoes - Shoes for Bunions & Wide Feet

What to Wear to an Autumn Wedding...



 Paris: Bordeau Patent Leather


The Benefits of an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is the perfect time of the year for a wedding! This transitional period is no longer too hot and humid like summer nor too cold and wet like winter. Given that autumn weddings tend to be less rainy, it can be the ideal time for an outdoor ceremony. We are going to give you some top tips for what to wear to a autumn wedding, particularly autumn wedding shoes



Can Wedding Shoes be Comfortable?


Comfortable wedding shoes do exist! Whether you’re looking for comfortable wedding shoes for the bride, comfortable shoes for the mother of the bride or groom or for wedding guests, Sole Bliss has got the perfect selection of comfortable wedding shoes for you.


So how do you choose the best and most comfortable autumn wedding shoes? One of the many benefits of autumn wedding shoes is that you don’t need to worry about your feet swelling like you do in the summer. During the summer months, we often have to buy half a size larger than our usual shoe size as our feet tend to swell in the heat. Autumn wedding shoes aren't so problematic! 



Charlotte: Black Suede & Patent


Charlotte: Black Suede & Patent - Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Autumn




When shopping for autumn wedding shoes, step one is to find the correct shoe size. Once you have found your size you need to choose an suitable heel height. If you are happy walking in high heels, then go for it! If you tend to find it difficult, let Sole Bliss take away the difficulty of wearing heels. All our autumn wedding shoes (in fact, all our heels) are designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, stability and support. Take comfort to new heights in your autumn wedding shoes! 


Every heel contains 3 layers of high-quality memory foam cushioning underneath your foot. The top layer provides ultimate softness and cushioning; the middle layer contours around your foot; and the base layers protects your foot with high-performance shock absorption.


You can read more about what makes our heels so comfortable here.



 Katie: Cherry Red Suede - Low Heels for Autumn Weddings




What Colours Should you Wear to a Autumn Wedding? 


Autumn wedding shoes are available in many different colours. If you are a bride, the best autumn wedding shoes are off-white, ivory, pale grey, or metallic tones such as champagne, pale gold and silver. Metallic touches can make an autumn wedding shoe feel refined, sophisticated and elegant. 


If you would like to know what to wear to an autumn wedding and you are looking for mother of the bride shoes, you have a lot of options available to you! Darker colours including black and navy look chic at this time of the year. Or you can opt for autumnal colours like forest green and Bordeau.





Kara: Gold Leather - Comfy Gold Wedding Shoes





Best Autumn Wedding Shoes for a Guest


Whether you are bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom or a wedding guest, finding autumn wedding shoes should be an enjoyable experience. We would recommend opting for a closed toe shoe or a classic court shoe.


Autumn weddings can be either outdoors or indoors. During the colder autumn months, opt for a pair of closed toe shoes. While open or open toe shoes can be cute and classy, they tend to work better in warm-season weddings than autumn weddings. 


A great option for autumn wedding shoes is block heels as they are perfect for walking on cobble stones, lawns and woodlands whilst still looking elegant enough for wedding attire. Some of our favourite mother of the bride shoes are block here. You can view our mother of the bride collection here.


Ruby: Purple Velvet - Mother of the Bride Wedding Shoes




Other Considerations for Autumn Wedding Shoes 


Your number one consideration for autumn wedding shoes must be comfort! Comfortable heels are a must. If you want to spend all day and night on your feet, you need to be wearing comfy shoes which will support your feet. 


Always look for shoes with extra padding under your foot. Every pair of Sole Bliss heels features triple-layer underfoot cushioning which provides total comfort and protection for your feet. If you have wide feet, look for shoes with a deep and wide toe-box. If you suffer from bunions or other foot conditions, look for shoes which are designed to accommodate these sorts of foot problems.






Find your Autumn Wedding Shoes Today! 


Finding the right shoes to wear at a autumn wedding should be an enjoyable experience. Let Sole Bliss help you find the perfect autumn wedding shoes! We want you to look and feel your best at your autumn wedding, so trust in our award-winning wedding shoes which will keep your feet comfortable all day and night long.



Meredith: Black Suede - Strappy Shoes for Autumn Weddings





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When it comes to comfort, Lisa Kay knows it all! Lisa has been a Shoe Designer for over 20 years. She has used her own experience dealing with bunions to create Sole Bliss - the shoe brand dedicated to women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Lisa has worked with Italian and Spanish artisans and the world’s leading podiatrists to create the best shoes for women with bunions and wide feet. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains an award-winning, podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology.

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