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Ultimate Style Guide For Comfortable Heels

Ultimate Style Guide For Comfortable Heels


Lisa Kay

Your Guide to the Most Comfortable Heels UK



Good news, shoe lovers! Comfortable heels exist! Finding high heels that are comfortable can be a challenge - we know that. Most women think that they need to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa, or that the most comfortable heels have to be very low kitten heels. But Sole Bliss is here to dispel that myth and help you find effortlessly chic, luxuriously comfortable heels.


What Makes A Heel Comfortable?


There are lots of components which go into making a high heel comfortable. The most comfy heels will have super-soft padding under the ball of your foot. When you wear a heel, the weight of your body puts pressure on the ball of your foot. This means that you need something very soft and padded under this part of the foot in order to keep your feet happy and reduce any painful pressure.
The most comfortable heels have touch points all the way down the shoe so that your foot connects with the entire shoe. Shoes which have a contoured insole and arch support generally make for the most comfy heels because of this connection with the foot. 


Comfy Heels - How Our Shoes Work



If you are looking for a very high heel that is comfortable, you should look for heels with a platform. A platform will make you feel like you are walking on a lower heel without losing that height! A block heel will also give you extra support; much more so than a stiletto heel.
Another quality of a comfortable heel is a wide toe box. The toe box is the area at the front of the shoe and it is important that this is spacious enough for your foot. If you have a wider foot, wearing heels with a deep and wide toe box will prevent you from squeezing or cramping your toes.
A final point on finding comfortable heels: make sure you order the right shoe size! It may sound obvious but you will never find a comfortable heel if you order the wrong size. Heels which are too small will cramp your foot and heels which are too big will rub and cause blisters.



Gina Black Suede - Comfortable Heels UK



Can I Wear High Heels If I Have Bunions?


Absolutely! Sole Bliss specialises in comfortable high heels for women with bunions. Gone are the days of squeezing your feet into uncomfortable heels which rub your bunion. And gone are the days of ordering heels which are too big so that you can accommodate your bunion, but then the rest of the shoe rubs.
Sole Bliss has designed comfortable heels which have a deep and wide toe box to accommodate the widest part of your foot, together with an ingenious stretch panel (known as the Bunion Bed) which will stretch as far as your bunion needs it to.
The Bunion Bed ensures that mild to severe bunions are accommodated without any pressure on these sensitive joints. This clever stretch panel is concealed within the shoe lining so that it is invisible from the outside and stylishly minimises the appearance of bunions.
To learn more about what makes our heels so comfortable for bunions, click here.



Georgia Blush Suede - Comfortable High Heel Sandals 


What Heel Height Is The Most Comfortable?


Generally speaking, the most comfortable heels will be low heels. The higher the heel, the more pressure you put on your foot.
You can find 3-inch heels or 4-inch heels which are comfortable. We would just advise following the recommendations above for what makes a comfortable heel.
Click here to view our comfortable high heels (3 to 4-inch).

A comfortable heel height which is also very elegant is 2 inches or 2.5 inches. This heel height is often referred to as a mid-heel and is an easy way to dress up an outfit without going too high!
Click here to view our comfortable mid heels.
Kitten heels are back in fashion! So if you are looking for a little heel to elevate your outfits, you may just find that this is the most comfortable heel height for you.
Click here to view our comfortable low heels.


Kitty Black Suede - Comfortable Low Heels


What Heel Type Is The Easiest To Walk In?


Walking long distances in high heels is an art! If you are wearing comfortable high heels, this will certainly help. Heels which are easiest to walk in tend to be a little lower, or have a platform or block heel to provide extra support.

High Heels For Every Occasion


At Sole Bliss, we specialise in comfortable heels for every occasion. Whether you need comfortable heels for a special event or you just want to dress up your favourite outfits, we have the perfect heels for you.
Our miracle heels are designed to keep you comfortable on your feet all day and all night. Here are a few of our top picks…

Carmen Nude Leather - Comfortable Heels for Bunions


Pandora Black Suede - Comfortable High Heels UK


India Blush Suede - Comfy Slingback Heels




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