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Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Best Shoes for Pregnancy


Lisa Kay

Shoes That Are Perfect For Pregnant Women

Shoes for Pregnancy

Existing mums will know that pregnancy and childbirth can do funny things to our bodies, especially our feet. If there’s ever a time that we need to look after our bodies, it’s when we are pregnant. And comfortable shoes for pregnant women are a must!




City Black Leather - Shoes for Pregnant Women

Best Shoes for Pregnancy

We often neglect our feet during pregnancy, especially those who have never experienced foot problems before. However, it’s very common to suffer with your feet, especially in the final months of pregnancy.


There are lots of things expecting mums can do to look after their feet. Most important is to wear the right kind of shoes for pregnancy! Here are our top tips on finding comfortable shoes for pregnant women:

  1. Choose wide-fitting shoes for pregnancy. Your feet are going to swell and expand! Look for maternity shoes with a wide toe-box (the area at the front of your foot) which give your feet some wiggle room and allow them to breathe.

  1. Make sure there is arch support. Pregnancy hormones are responsible for relaxing the ligaments in your feet. This can lead to foot problems such as fallen arches or flat feet. The best shoes for pregnancy will have arch support, which will cushion and comfort your feet during these changes.

  1. Choose lower heels or flat shoes. Good news shoe-lovers! Heels are still an option! But you need to avoid high heels during pregnancy because they can put unnecessary pressure on your feet, in addition to the pressure of your extra body weight. Avoid wearing completely flat shoes with thin soles – these are not the best shoes for pregnancy – because they will not give you enough support or shock absorption. Whatever the height, make sure your maternity shoes are supportive.

  1. Wear shoes with cushioned soles. Your shoes for pregnancy should have a soft yet supportive insole which cushions and protects your feet. Shock absorption is important to counter the pressure from walking on hard surfaces and rubber soles are recommended to avoid slipping. Maternity shoes should never have slippery soles.



Lizzie Navy Suede - Flat Shoes for Pregnant Women

Shoes for Swollen Feet during Pregnancy

Most women will put on up to 12kg during pregnancy. As far as our poor feet are concerned, this happens rather rapidly! So it is important to find comfortable shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy.

You may have heard of a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin is responsible for relaxing the ligaments around the hips and pelvis to prepare the body for childbirth. A little-known fact, however, is that Relaxin also has this effect on feet! This relaxation of joints can lead to the formation of bunions or the widening of the foot, which is why you often hear of women having to take a whole new shoe size after having a baby.

When you are shopping for shoes for pregnancy, make sure you consider the fact that your feet are likely to swell. The best shoes for pregnancy will be wide-fitting. You just need to make sure you choose the right size.

Swollen feet are common during pregnancy. There are several other foot conditions to watch out for during pregnancy too:




Sole Bliss – Comfortable Shoes for Pregnant Women

Looking for your next best pair of shoes for pregnancy? Look no further than Sole Bliss’ collection of comfortable, stylish shoes for pregnant women.

All Sole Bliss shoes are designed for women with wide feet and sensitive feet, as well as those suffering with foot issues such as bunions and flat feet.

Our award-winning Cushioning Comfort Technology ensures your swollen feet have ample space where you need it the most, while being held in place with arch support and bespoke fits.

Find out more about how our shoes work here


Lizzie Tan Suede - Shoes for Pregnancy


Flat Shoes for Pregnancy


Our bestselling ballet flats are the perfect shoes for pregnancy. These comfortable shoes for pregnant women contain our podiatrist-approved Cushioning Comfort Technology which includes:

  • - 3 distinct layers of soft and supportive underfoot cushioning

  • - Italian leather uppers with soft leather lining

  • - A deep and wide toe-box

  • - An invisible stretch panel to protect bunions and wide feet


Your body goes through a lot when you are pregnant. Existing mums know this, and for those who are going through it for the first time, you’re about to find out! Don’t neglect your feet while you’re pregnant and treat them to the comfort they need and deserve!


If you have any questions about finding the best maternity shoes or the best shoes for pregnancy for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Team is here to help!


Why is it Important to have the Best Supportive Shoes for Pregnancy?


It may be tempting to squeeze into your old favourite shoes, especially if you are dressing up for an event. You may be asking yourself if it is really that important to have the best supportive shoes for pregnancy. But the answer is yes! 


Supportive shoes during pregnancy are a must. Your body goes through all sorts of changes during pregnancy and you need to listen to them. If your shoe size goes up, then you need to find supportive shoes for pregnancy in this size. 


If you do not wear supportive shoes for pregnancy, you may have problems with your balance. Poorly-fitting shoes or shoes without arch support will not provide stability or balance, which can also affect your posture.


Finally, comfort for your feet is a must during pregnancy! Your body will experience enough changes and discomfort during these nine months, so you should look for comfortable, supportive shoes during pregnancy so that your feet do not suffer too! 



Sprint White Leather - Walking Shoes for Pregnant Women

If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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