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​Shoes for the Most Common Foot Conditions

​Shoes for the Most Common Foot Conditions

1st May 2019

Doctor and Sole Bliss brand ambassador Dr Dawn Harper explains how to spot the four most common foot conditions including hammertoes and bunions.

There’s no denying that living with foot conditions can limit your decisions when looking for footwear. Perhaps you need underfoot comfort; enough width for your toes or all-round cushioning to prevent foot pain. Nevertheless, this blog will reveal the four most common foot conditions and the best shoes to wear for ultimate comfort.

4 Common Foot Conditions revealed by Dr Dawn Harper


What is a Bunion?

‘Bunions are bony lumps that form on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe. They affect about one in three people over the age of 65, most of them women. As they progress the big toe bends further towards the other toes and away from the midline’.

Illustration of bunions also known as Hallux Valgus

Approximately, there are 14 million bunion sufferers in the UK, 10 million of these being women. Of the 10 million female bunion sufferers, 38% are aged over 30.

We are always asked the question, ‘Do high heels cause bunions?’. And the answer is no, high heels do not cause bunions since it’s usually a hereditary issue. However, many women who suffer from bunions may find high heels uncomfortable.

What Shoes are Suitable for Women with Bunions?

Sole Bliss Shoes specifically produces shoes, boots and matching handbags for ladies with bunions and wide feet. Inside every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains the unique ‘Juanet’ shoe technology, designed to accommodate and support bunioned feet.

Therefore, all Sole Bliss shoes are suitable for women with bunions. The best-selling ‘Ingrid’ block heel is ideal for bunion sufferers. The shoe is crafted using soft materials, a supportive block heel and an almond-shaped toe to allow sufficient space for toes.

black suede low block heel designed for severe bunions and wide feet by Sole Bliss


'Instead of the toe laying flat in alignment with the foot, the first bone of the toe is bent upwards and the second tilted downward forming an inverted 'V'. They may be associated with other medical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy and bunions.

'Steroid injections and splints are also sometimes used and in severe cases surgery is required to correct the deformity.'

Example of the foot condition called hammertoes

What Shoes are Suitable for Women with Hammertoes?

Dr Dawn Harper suggests to ‘Choose a shoe which will provide extra width, and depth at the front to avoid putting pressure on hammer toes’.

A popular style for Hammertoe sufferers in the Sole Bliss collection is called ‘Mercy’. The ‘Mercy’ construction provides a deep & spacious front of the shoe to ensure you have enough space for your toes. Currently available in four different colours, ‘Mercy’ is an ideal style to wear if you’re looking for style and all-day comfort.

 Red suede heel boot designed for hammertoes and bunions

Plantar Fasciitis

'Plantar fasciitis affects up to one in ten of us at some point in our lifetime. It is the most common cause of pain in the heel. There is a thick fibrous band of tissue that runs from the heel to the toes.

'This is called the plantar fascia and plantar fasciitis is simply inflammation of this tissue. It is most common between the ages of 40 and 60 and is often triggered by activities that put stress on the heel such as running or long periods of standing on hard surfaces’.

Plantar Fasciitis illustrated with a picture of women's feet as she is sitting in pain

What shoes are suitable for women with Plantar Fasciitis?

Sufferers would benefit from shoes which offer plenty of underfoot cushioning, ideally memory foam to contour around the foot and provide extreme comfort.

For a stylish shoe that provides underfoot cushioning, a supportive block heel and an adjustable strap, we recommend the ‘Alessia’ shoe. Many of our customers like that this shoe can be worn for any occasion and delivers on chic, comfortable style. ‘Alessia’ is now available in six different colours.

White leather block heel sling-back for women with plantar fasciitis


'Most children under five have flat feet, but after the age of five 95 per cent of kids develop an arch on the inside of the sole of their feet.

'Of the remaining five per cent, most won't have a problem, but those that do may experience pain in their feet, which can be helped with special insoles in the shoes and exercises including walking barefoot, flexing the toes and standing on tip toes. Sometimes surgery is required’.

Diagram of overpronation

What shoes are suitable for women with Overpronation?

Dr Dawn advises ‘To avoid overpronation, invest in a pair of shoes that keep your foot securely in place. Sole Bliss can help those with the condition as the wearer is protected against this over-pronation by the ingenious ‘Kuki’ – a small memory foam pillow inside the shoe’.

To ensure your feet are secure and protected, we recommend our mid heel court shoe ‘Carmen’. Now available in 15 colours due to customer demand, the ‘Carmen’ is perfect for those in need of a smart, versatile shoe that will take you from desk to dinner in an instant.

Elegant occasion wear slim grey suede heel for overpronation

Read the full article ‘Doctor reveals how to spot whether you suffer from one of the four most common foot conditions’ on the Daily Mail.

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