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Meet the Pandora Comfort Bunion Heel

Meet the Pandora Comfort Bunion Heel

Posted by Zak Scott on 18th Nov 2020

The most comfortable heel for women with bunions, say hello to Pandora!

Pandora is the ultimate dress shoe for bunions. The original high heel in the Sole Bliss collection, Pandora features our award-winning, podiatrist-approved technology so you can be stylish AND comfortable!

Bunion Heel

Pandora: High Heels for Bunions

The best heel for bunions, Pandora features a deep, wide toe-box and a hidden stretch panel which is designed to accommodate bunions.

Heels for Bunions

Pandora: Black Suede Heels for Bunions

The iconic bunion heel is also available in luxuriously soft black suede. All our heels for bunion sufferers feature a full leather lining, luxurious underfoot cushioning and superior arch support. 

Click here to read more about what makes our heels so comfortable for bunions!

Best black leather high heels for bunions and wide feet

What makes our Bunion Shoes so Comfortable?

Like all Sole Bliss heels for bunions, Pandora offers triple-layer underfoot cushioning, a stretch panel to make room for bunions (regardless of the size of your bunions), a wide toe-box and super soft, luxurious leather.

How to Wear the Pandora Bunion Heel

Wear your Black Leather Pandora in the office to show everyone who’s the boss, with your favourite black dress for dinner dates, or with a pair of jeans for a more casual ensemble that will still turn heads.

            I Can’t Wear High Heels

Think you can't wear high heels? Think again! All of our shoes provide extra cushioning and support where your feet need it the most. All our high heels for bunions also contain an anti-pronating arch support to protect and hold your feet in the correct position. Our famous Bunion Bed stretch panel will ensure your bunions are perfectly accommodated, even in high heels.

Looking for a Lower Heel for Bunions?

Prefer a lower heel? Well don’t worry, we have a wide range of slim and block mid heels that are just as fashionable but will deliver the support you require for both bunions and wide feet.

Check out our popular black leather mid heel Carmen.