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Best Trainers for Bunions

Best Trainers for Bunions

Posted by Zak Scott on 17th Nov 2020

New Additions to Our Collection of Best Trainers for Bunions

After the hugely successful launch of Hero – the Miracle Trainer for bunion sufferers – we are very excited to tell you that two new styles have now arrived! Introducing our NEW Miracle Trainer, STAR in Black Leather and Navy Leather.

We recently launched the best trainers for bunions in stylish Black Patent Leather and Black Leather with Luxe Leopard. The Miracle Trainer capsule collection now features 8 fabulous styles for you to choose from!

We spent years designing the perfect trainer for bunion sufferers, and now we’ve gone ahead and made it! From the chunky white platform to the seamless leather tongue, every detail of the trainer has been thoughtfully considered to provide maximum style and comfort. That’s why we’re calling it the Miracle Trainer!

1. Hero Black Leather & Luxe Leopard - £179.00

2. Hero Black Patent Leather - £179.00

3. Hero Bronze Leather - £179.00

4. Hero Navy Leather - £179.00

5. Hero White Leather - £179.00

6. Hero Black Leather - £179.00

7. Star Navy Leather - £179.00

8. Star Black Leather - £179.00

Can I wear trainers if I have a bunion?

At Sole Bliss, we often hear the question – ‘Can I wear trainers if I have a bunion?’. The answer is yes! Trainers for bunions exist, and fashionable trainers too!

If you suffer with bunions, it is important to wear trainers with a deep and wide toe-box to avoid any cramping of toes. We recommend wearing trainers which are leather lined (a lot of trainers are not, so pay attention this) and which have a seamless lining, to prevent any stitching rubbing against bunions and other difficult joints.

Sole Bliss trainers for bunions are packed with all these comfort-driven features and also contain our innovative Bunion Bed technology. This is a strategically positioned stretch panel over the bunion area, which accommodates, cushions and comforts this bony lump. 

What types of trainers are good for bunions?

There are several types of trainers which are good for bunions. There are running shoes for bunions and other sports trainers for bunions. But the only fashion trainers for bunions are Sole Bliss!

All our trainers are handcrafted in Italy and feature a deep and wide toe-box to give your toes room to breathe. Our wide trainers for bunions have a stretch panel (called the Bunion Bed) which will stretch to accommodate mild to severe bunions. A seam-free leather lining prevents rubbing against bunions and difficult joints. That’s what makes Sole Bliss the best trainers for bunions!

Our NEW Best Trainers for Bunions

Hero Black Leather & Luxe Leopard

Our best trainers for bunion sufferers are now available in supersoft black leather with luxe leopard trim. These gorgeous trainers for bunions feature a metallic gold zip which can be used to slip the trainer on and off with ease. As with all Sole Bliss trainers, our anatomically contoured footbed provides luxurious underfoot cushioning and complete support. It's time to treat your feet to the best trainers for bunions!

Hero Black Patent Leather - Women's Trainers for Bunions

Hero - the best trainer for bunion sufferers - is now available in fashionable, versatile black patent leather. This fabulous new shoe comes complete with dark metallic luxe laces (with a spare pair of black laces) and dark metallic zip detailing. Black Patent is always a good idea and adds a stylish cool-girl edge to any outfit in your wardrobe. These wide trainers for bunions feature a spacious toe-box with disguised depth to maintain a flattering fit. 

More New Arrivals - Wide Trainers for Bunions

Hero Bronze Leather