Why Choose Sole Bliss?


Choosing the Best Shoes for Bunions and Wide Feet.

 The severity of bunions can differ drastically. Our severity scale highlights the mild to more extreme bunions.


The size of bunions can vary greatly. For some people, they have a very mild foot deformity with a small bump and no pain. For others, they may have a large bump with great pain, making it very difficult to find comfortable footwear for bunions.

It’s therefore essential that people with bunions know their options and treat their feet accordingly.

 Why Should you Choose Sole Bliss? 

What Shoes are Suitable for your Bunions and Wide Feet?

Bunion sufferers should look for particular features in a pair of shoes to ensure they accommodate and cushion their bunions for ultimate comfort:

  1. A deep & spacious front of a shoe or a ‘toe box’ – to allow enough space and to disguise bunions
  2. A supportive shape at the back of the shoe for maximum ankle grip & support and to prevent the ankle rolling
  3. Sufficient cushioning beneath the ball of the foot to enhance comfort
  4. A specially designed sole that provides arch support
  5. Use of good quality materials including super-soft leather so that feet with bunions are fully supported



Why is Sole Bliss the right bunion shoe brand for you?

Sole Bliss was developed by shoe designer Lisa Kay, who after 30 years in the footwear industry recognised the need for shoes specifically for bunion sufferers.

With this experience, Lisa spent 5 years of research and development to create a collection of shoes that accommodate and support feet with bunions. Importantly, Lisa focused on using fashionable shapes and materials so that at last, bunion sufferers have the option of beautiful shoes that support their bunions and relieve their discomfort.

Before our specialised bunion shoe collection, bunion sufferers often assumed that they couldn’t wear high heels and instead, opted for less flattering bunion footwear. However, special occasions such as weddings, parties & christenings do require a smarter, more elegant pair of shoes. This is why Sole Bliss is the perfect brand for your bunions and wide feet. Our shoes cushion and comfort your feet, during those special events where you should be enjoying yourself and not feeling uncomfortable.

Our innovative shoe technology is truly unique. We use a forward-thinking combination of comfort components which cushion and support your bunions while relieving the pressure.

And the best part? You won’t see what’s going on inside the shoes, but you’ll certainly feel the comfort with every step you take. 


Our Sole Bliss customer Bridget says:

“I’ve recently received my Ayda sling backs, straight out of the box onto my feet and stayed there for five hours without once feeling uncomfortable. They are fabulous to look at and the most comfortable shoes I can ever remember having in my life! Delighted with the Shoes and Service!”.


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