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Sole Bliss offer an amazing service! The speed in which the order was processed, delivered - my return and further delivery has been incredible.  I know I will be a repeat customer. Thank you Sole Bliss!

“Amazing service” – Fiona

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When going to a wedding I never ever normally wear dresses or skirts because of the shoe issue. Having found Sole Bliss I’m now the proud owner of not one but two pairs of shoes and no outfit!! Shows how important the shoes were to me. The service is amazing, highly recommended. Thank you. - Sue

“Amazing, highly recommended” – Sole Bliss Wedding Bunion Shoes

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I love my Sole Bliss shoes so much that I went straight on to order another pair in a different colour! It was amazing on a recent holiday to be able to walk from cottage to local restaurant in HEELS! I would never have been able to do that before (without being prepared to suffer!). I will certainly branch out on a different style shortly!

“I love my Sole Bliss shoes so much” – Lorraine

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I have been struggling to wear high heels for a number of years due to arthritis and bunion pain. I need to attend quite a lot of corporate functions, where cocktail dresses etc are expected. Shoes were a nightmare, as were the painfully uncomfortable events due to sore feet! Discovering and wearing Sole Bliss shoes has completely resolved my problems. I can now look forward to pain free events! I have already bought 2 pairs -a Carmen and a Pandora. I expect to but several more pairs over the next year. Cannot recommend them enough!

“Discovering Sole Bliss has resolved all my problems!” – Margaret

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Comfortable shoes and heels.

Absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable.   I ordered the wrong size and it was easy to send them back - brilliant that you do half sizes too! I danced the night away and didn't end up bare footed!! So comfortable, not a twinge.  My second pair have just turned up!! Brilliant.

“So comfortable – not a twinge!” – Jane

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Beautiful wide fit bunion shoes.

Beautiful shoes, beautifully packaged. Feeling quite emotional that I can actually wear such stunning shoes. They fit.  They actually fit. And the matching handbag is gorgeous too. Thank you Sole Bliss!

“Feeling quite emotional!” – Nadya

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Game-changing bunion shoes!

These shoes have been a game-changer. I have been unable to wear heels in years! I wore a pair of Carmen shoes to a wedding and did not have to change shoes for the evening dancing. They truly were bliss. I would also like to commend Customer Care who could not have been more helpful and efficient.  Many thanks.

“These shoes have been a GAME-CHANGER!” – Veronica