Beth Goodrham wears comfortable boots for bunions

Stylist & Fashion Blogger ‘The Style Guile’ wears Sole Bliss Boots!


Fashion focused The Style Guile indulges in Sole Bliss comfort

Combine a heap of personal style, some essence of lifestyle inspiration and a dash of creative flair for ladies over 35 and what do you get? The Style Guile blog of course!

Founder of the Style Guile (as well as Stylist, Fashion Blogger & TV Presenter), Beth, noticed the lack of style blogs for older, fashionable women over 35 and with that decided to create a website to inspire mature women – because after all, “style and fashion should be accessible to all”.

So, we were delighted when Beth wore our classic ‘Flavia’ high heel boot for bunions in black leather, and she’s been rocking them ever since! While Beth may not have bunions, like many women, the Stylist/TV Presenter appreciated the blissful comfort that Sole Bliss Shoes offer during her working day and her busy weekends.

From bright long pleated skirts to cropped tapered trousers, Beth truly shows us the many ways the Sole Bliss ‘Flavia’ boot can be styled. Check out all of her fabulous looks below:

The Style Guile indulges in Sole Bliss comfort



Sole Bliss Flavia high heel boot for bunions


The Style Guile wears high heel black bunion boot


Fashion blogger wears Sole Bliss leather Bunion boots

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