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Bunions: The Facts & Figures


Sole Bliss discuss Bunions: The Facts & Figures

Bunions. It may not be a glamorous topic, but it’s certainly one worth discussing.

Bunions continue to be a subject matter that no one likes to talk about for various reasons. People may be embarrassed, shocked or even disgusted when in fact many people don’t know exactly what a bunion is! With 10 million women in the UK alone suffering from bunions, it’s time to discuss and embrace our feet to help remove the stigma of the condition.

But first, we need to know the facts and figures! We conducted some research (525 female respondents using Survey Monkey) with bunion sufferers all over the UK and here’s what we found out:

  1. 90% of women have suffered from a foot issue in their lifetime
  2. 76% of women are embarrassed by their feet!
  3. 97% of women bought a pair of shoes for an occasion and never wore them again.
  4. 90% have taken out a pair of flat shoes with them to change into.
  5. 51% of women say it’s difficult to find comfortable shoes which are also fashionable

Whether you suffer from bunions or other foot issues, we all need to talk about our feet more to encourage and support others who are too embarrassed to!

National Bunion Day is an annual event which aims to promote discussions and remove the stigma of bunions. The event will provide advice, practical information and support sufferers – NBD commences on Thursday 26th April 2018.

Find out more about all things bunion related from our panel of foot experts through the National Bunion Day website:

If you have a question about NBD, email us on

Check out ‘What is a Bunion?‘ for the facts on the basics.

Feet Facts provided by The College of Podiatry.

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