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Can Toe-Ga Help You Wear High Heels?

Can Toe-Ga Help You Wear High Heels?


Lisa Kay

Toe-Ga: Best Foot Exercises to Help You Walk in High Heels



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What is Toega?


According to a recent survey conducted by Sole Bliss, 66% of women say that their feet spread during lockdown. But fear not! For those of you who are worried about the changes to your feet, there is a solution out there and it's called Toega.


What is Toega? Toega is yoga for your toes! It is a series of simple exercises which you can do for five to ten minutes a day to improve mobility, flexibility and strength in your toes.





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What are the Best Toega Exercises?


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you may want to think about doing some simple toega exercises to look after your feet. Here are some of the best toega exercises you can do:



1. Push Ups


In a standing position, push the big toe down into the floor and raise the other four toes off the floor. Slowly pulse your foot whilst keeping the ball of your foot in contact with the ground.


2. Big Toe Under


Bend your big toe underneath the foot whilst keeping your remaining four toes out. If you find this difficult or uncomfortable, you can use your hands to find the perfect position. 


3. Big Toe Out


Now bend the four smaller toes underneath the foot, leaving the big toe pointing out. Again, you can use your hands to get into position if you need to.


4. Towel Scrunches


Lay out a towel and sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Place your feet so that your toes touch the bottom of the towel. Now, scrunch your toes and grab the towel to pull it toward you until it bunches under your arches.



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