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Sole Bliss in the Daily Express!

Sole Bliss in the Daily Express!

Posted by Abi Webster on 4th Dec 2019

Today’s edition of the Daily Express profiles Sole Bliss & Designer Lisa Kay!

Daily Express covering comfortable party heels for bunions by Sole Bliss

“Sparkling party heels, once mere fantasy footwear but now a feasible choice for women with bunions” 

- Maisha Frost, Daily Express.

If you picked up a copy of today’s Daily Express, it’d be hard to miss Sole Bliss featured in the Enterprise section.

Calling Sole Bliss… 

“The lifestyle-changing brand,” 

…the piece highlights our growth since we launched less than 3 years ago, and our exciting plans for the future!

The Daily Express paid close attention to our party season heels so, check out the best shoes for bunions and all foot types. Read the article here!

Christie in Black Suede with Embellishment

Pretty black suede party heel for bunions with crystal embellishment

Hey, Twinkle Toes. With the same fit as our iconic Carmen heel, this glitzy heel features a luxe crystal embellishment. Don’t forget the  matching handbag to go alongside the best shoes for bunions.

Imelda in Black Suede with Glam Heel

Block metalic heeled party shoe for bunions and wide feet

With the same fit as our hero heel Ingrid, fashion-forward Imelda trades in the ordinary in favour of a little glamour. The ridged, metallic statement heel is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Top tip: Ideal for those with extra-wide feet or severe bunions.

Celine in Black Suede with Gold Details

black suede metalic heel for hallux valgus

Stylish Celine also fits like Carmen, but features a thicker, metallic-detailed heel that contrasts with its Black Suede upper for a stand-out best shoe for bunions that’s perfect for festive events.

Top tip: Best for slim-to-regular width feet with mild-to-severe bunions. Consider the width of your foot; if you have wide feet, try half a size larger than your regular size.

Remember to complete the look with one of our  matching bags!!

You still have time to pick up a copy of the Daily Express from your local newsagents and supermarkets! 

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