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Remaking the Heel

Remaking the Heel

15th Nov 2019

Sole Bliss’ mission make high heels wearable again.

It’s been two incredible years since Sole Bliss was launched by Lisa Kay; an expert shoe designer with over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry. Lisa’s personal struggle with her feet – particularly her bunions - lead to a game changing innovation, shoes for bunion sufferers! Sole Bliss produces a range of shoes - including heels – with an  award-winning technology that alleviates discomfort for bunions and other foot problems.

Sole Bliss Graph explaining the brand's award winning technolgy

“With millions of women worldwide suffering from bunions, as well as a whole host of other foot problems, I wanted to give these women back their choice of shoes, to enable them to feel empowered and feminine again after – in some cases – decades in traditional, unfashionable ‘comfort’ shoes.”

-Lisa Kay, Founder of Sole Bliss

Women often ask: Can I wear heels with a bunion?

Yes, you can wear high heels with bunions! If the shoe has the right sole support for your feet and you maintain good feet health, you can wear heels if you have bunions.

Lisa spent five years researching so she can solve a huge problem in many women’s life: finding shoes to fit your bunions. Years of work resulted in the revolutionary Bunion Bed®. This award-wining technology features a stretch panel to accommodate  all bunions and a triple layer underfoot cushioning that cushions and supports your feet.

Here’s two interesting facts she discovered during her research:

    1.The average person will walk 115,000 miles in their lifetime – equivalent to 4 times around the globe.

    2.From a survey of 1790, 90% of respondents have suffered from a foot problem in their lifetime

Even if you don't suffer from any foot problems, our shoes put comfort first. When shopping for your next pair of shoes, remember that  you won’t get the Sole Bliss comfort you deserve anywhere else!

Each pair of Sole Bliss shoes contain:

    1.Cleverly hidden interior stretch panel

    2.Triple Layer Underfoot Cushioning

    3.Anti-pronation Device

    4.Ingenious design that ensures your feet are secure, whilst being properly accommodated.

Graph explaining tripple layer cushioning that comforts your feet in heels

Need more convincing that Sole Bliss shoes are the best heels for bunions and wide feet?

Contact our friendly customer service team via phone or  email for advice or to request a FREE brochure!

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