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Pointed Toes: The Finer Points

Pointed Toes: The Finer Points

Posted by Kinga Vagany on 21st Feb 2020

Do pointy shoes cause bunions? The Myth Dispelled by Sole Bliss Shoes for Bunions

“Why do you have so many pointed-toe styles? Don’t you know that women with bunions can’t wear pointed shoes?”

…Questions we hear often from women who are yet-to-be converted into Sole Bliss devotees!

Think you can’t wear pointed-toe styles? Think again.

It’s a myth that pointed shoes cause bunions. We have consulted with many podiatrists and surgeons over the past near-decade (5 years of research and development, and 3 years since we launched!) and the general consensus is that tight, poorly-fitting, pointed heels do not cause bunions. They don’t help, and can worsen a pre-existing bunion, but they are not the cause.

What is the real cause of bunions?

“Bunions are formed by the bony prominence at the base of the big toe which mars the otherwise straight line of the inner foot.”- Sole Bliss

Sole Bliss embraced the mission to solve millions of women’s painful problem. These are the six most common causes of bunions that we discovered during our research:

1. Genetics 

Bunions could be an inherited foot defect.

2. Biomechanics 

Biomechanic faults such as over-pronation or flexible joints can lead to the formation of bunions.

3. Pregnancy 

The Relaxin hormone loosens up the ligaments of the pelvic bones preparing the body to give birth. In some cases, it can also loosen up the ligaments around the bones in your feet leading to bunions.

4. Chronic Obesity 

Extra weight can put exaggerated stress to the feet which leads the deformation of foot structure.

5. Medical Conditions 

Marfan Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis are only few of the medical conditions that affects ligaments and joints which makes your foot structure vulnerable to the deformations.

6. Poorly Fitting Footwear

We spend a great deal of time in our shoes during the day. Ill-fitted shoes play a huge role in developing bunions. Invest into footwear that gives you the desired comfort, width and depth in the toe box and provides support your feet need.

For more information about bunions and their symptoms, visit our  Bunions & Foot Problems page where we provide insight to our research about shoes for bunions.

Sole Bliss Bunion Shoes are Different

Sole Bliss has designed every style in the collection to accommodate your wider feet thanks to a combination of a deep and wide toe box, and our magic interior stretch panel, the Bunion Bed®.

With the extra width at the front, we decided to finish the front of some styles with a point to give them an elegant look, whilst deceptively concealing bunions and wide feet.

To provide underfoot support and comfort, all Sole Bliss shoes for bunions feature three distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial  underfoot cushioning system. The first layer is called the ‘Ultra Cushioning’ layer made of memory foam that offers the ultimate comfort for your entire foot. The middle, ‘Custom Contouring’ layer provides the custom support your feet needs from underneath. The third, base layer performs shock absorption and provides protection for the ball of your foot.

What are the most popular pointed toe styles in the Sole Bliss Bunion Shoe Collection?

1.‘Carmen’- Mid-heel Dress Shoe for Bunions with Pointed Toe 

‘Carmen’ is featuring a 2.5in on-trend slim heel and is available in eleven versatile colours crafted from the finest Italian materials to keep your feet stylish and comfortable all day long!

2.‘Kitty’- Wide Fit Kitten Heeled Shoe for Bunions with Pointed Toe 

‘Kitty’ is one of the lowest heels in the Sole Bliss collection featuring a 1.75in kitten heel. Enjoy style and comfort combined in four on-trend colours with  matching handbags available.

3.‘Pandora’- High-heeled Court Shoe for Bunions with Pointed Toe 

‘Pandora’ is the perfect pair of comfortable court shoe for bunions you need for a special occasion featuring a chic 3.5in slim heel. Choose from four elegant colours for a head to toe sophistication.


Pointed-toe shoes are not the sole cause of bunions. Just like any other shoe type, you need to make sure the shoe provides support and have the width to accommodate your feet, otherwise ill-fitting shoes can form a bunion or worsen existing bunions. The  Sole Bliss technology is an inner stretch panel, that accommodates wider feet and bunions - allowing us to develop wider stylish designs featuring a pointed-toe design. With this award-winning comfort technology, it is safe to wear Sole Bliss pointed toe designs even if you suffer from painful bunions.

Embrace pointed toes and shop Sole Bliss shoes for bunions.

Team Sole Bliss xo

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