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Good Housekeeping…Tried, Tested & LOVES Sole Bliss Shoes

Good Housekeeping…Tried, Tested & LOVES Sole Bliss Shoes

25th Feb 2019

“If you suffer from bunions, great news is that you can now wear chic heels all day and night”…

Britain’s favourite monthly magazine Good Housekeeping puts Sole Bliss shoes to the test and LOVES them!

Specifically designed for women with bunions, Sole Bliss heels and boots have extra built-in cushioning and claim to be ‘the most comfortable heels in the world.’ But are they as good as they seem? Our bunion-suffering tester was impressed…” Good Housekeeping’s tester found that she “remained pain-free” while wearing Sole Bliss for “both her daily commute and evenings out” – despite usually finding any shoe to be uncomfortable after a mere 10 minutes!

The Sole Bliss shoes put to the test were our Luxe Leopard ‘Ingrid’ block heel – the perfect all-round shoe for women with bunions or wide feet.

Leopard Print Round-Toe Heel for Wide Feet
Luxe Leopard Ingrid Heel

You can also find our pillar-box Red Suede ‘Brooke’ boots in the magazine’s style pages as one of their top picks for Autumn!

Best Boots for Bunions by Good Housekeeping

So there you have it, they’ve been tested by the best! Don’t miss out on enjoying stylish & comfortable shoes for bunions this season! Click here to visit our bunion shop page.

Intrigued to know more about our innovative ‘Juanet’ shoe technology that provides incredible comfort for bunion sufferers worldwide? Click here to visit the ‘Our Technology’ page.

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