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Finding Comfortable Shoes for the Party Season

Finding Comfortable Shoes for the Party Season

2nd Jan 2019

Even the most beautiful of feet can suffer during the party season, especially feet with bunions

Bunions are usually embarrassing, painful & difficult for sufferers who often resorts to wearing unflattering, ‘functional’ shoes that support their feet.

As a shoe brand dedicated to making elegant shoes for ladies with bunions, we are forever searching for the latest information on all things bunion related; so we decided to conduct some research of our own.

Sole Bliss Survey

Sole Bliss conducted a survey on women with bunions’ party footwear and the results are in…

Of 852 respondents:

  • 93% have worried about what heels to wear for the Christmas party season
  • 97% have bought shoes for an occasion and never worn them again
  • 96% have left the dance-floor because their feet were hurting
  • 92% have taken their heels off during a party because they were uncomfortable
  • 90% have taken flat shoes out with them change into
  • 96% say wearing uncomfortable heels ruins their night

Black crinkle patent mid heel for bunions

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a misaligned toe joint which manifests itself as a bony lump at the base of the big toe. It occurs when the long foot bone (the first metatarsal) shifts outwards towards the other foot and the big toe moves inwards towards the 2nd toe, resulting in a misalignment.

The medical name for a bunion is ‘Hallux Valgus’.

Once the big toe starts leaning towards the second toe, the tendons no longer pull the toe in a straight line, so the problem tends to become progressively worse.

Shoes for Ladies with Bunions

With approximately 10 MILLION women suffering from bunions in the UK alone, it’s important we know the facts to provide the best options to help relieve the pain & pressure bunion sufferers may experience.

This is why in April 2017 we launched Sole Bliss, Stylish Shoes for Ladies with Bunions and haven’t looked back since.

Are you suffering from bunions and still want to enjoy stylish, comfortable footwear? You’re in good company – all of our styles are tested on women with bunions to guarantee a perfect fit! Click here to view our collection of elegant shoes for bunions to see how you too can enjoy blissful comfort!

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