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Dr Dawn Wears Sole Bliss Snake Print Heels

Dr Dawn Wears Sole Bliss Snake Print Heels

25th Feb 2019

Dr Dawn Harper shines in Sole Bliss Shoes…

Who says that snake print is too daring?

Doctor, TV Personality & Author, Dr Dawn Harper once again shows the world how to ace sophisticated style with a bold print.

Already a true fan of our classic and ever-popular ‘Pandora’ heel, Dr Dawn pieces her favourite snake print heels along with the matching ‘Jemima’ clutch bag with a black jumpsuit and we are loving her effortless, chic style.

Dr Dawn Harper Sole Bliss ambassador rocking her comfortable animal print high heels with a matching bag
Dr Dawn Harper wears Sole Bliss snake print

Through our lives, women are always told to ‘dress for our age’. This often leads us to believe that ‘age-appropriate’ dressing means plain, safe and conservative. Well, if you’d like to be a bit more adventurous with your fashion, why not embrace a pop of colour? A bold print? Extreme detail? It’s your style ladies – it’s time to own it!

We love the snake print ‘Pandora’ with a bright coloured blouse, white culottes or a fitted midi dress for perfect summer style for 2018!

So the next time you go for your trusty old jeans and black blouse, think outside the box and make it more daring!… Because sometimes, the bolder the print, the better! And just think how lovely the snake print ‘Pandora’ would look! Also, Pandora is perfect to conceal and support bunions and wide feet so you can truly enjoy comfort and fierce style!

Dr Dawn Harper shines in Sole Bliss & so can you! Check out the full bunion shoe collection here, a mix of comfortable fabulousness and get your shoe bliss!

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