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Don’t Let Sore Feet Dampen your Christmas Spirit!

Don’t Let Sore Feet Dampen your Christmas Spirit!

6th Jan 2019

Pesky bunions should be the last of your worries during the party season!

It’s the midst of the Christmas party season – you’ve got your evening planned, your outfit sorted, and you’re ready to dance the night away!

Naturally, you want to look great and feel confident. So you’ve opted for those super sore heels that you know look fabulous but let’s face it, towards the end of the evening you’ll be nursing your poor feet dreaming of the moment you get home and can slip into your cosy slippers.

What if we told you that you could wear fashionable heels AND still feel comfortable enough to stay on your feet all night?

black velvet block heel for wide feet and bunions

Casey Block Heel with Gold Detailing

Well, that’s exactly what Sole Bliss Shoes can do! Finally, give your feet the treat they deserve. Our collection of stylish heels and boots have been created for ladies suffering with bunions because, why should you have to suffer for on-trend footwear?

With supportive triple layer cushioning, the Bunion Bed® to relieve the pressure off your painful bunions and the finest Italian leather & fabrics used, our collection is a real game changer for all bunion sufferers.

Sole Bliss shoe graph explaining how the Juanet Technology innovation is adopted in high heels for bunions

Technology of our Stylish Heels

The Sole Bliss team are passionate about helping all the ladies out there who feel like they can’t wear heels! It’s your time to shine!

View our latest collection for bunions and wide feet!

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