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Doctor's Orders: Shoes That Soothe

Doctor's Orders: Shoes That Soothe

10th Sep 2019

Expert advice from Sole Bliss super fan, Dr Dawn Harper...

"I can't wear nice shoes because..." Sound familiar? 

We asked  Sole Bliss' favourite TV Doctor and Presenter, Dr Dawn, to answer common queries about feet, and which Sole Bliss bunion friendly heels are best for these common, but oh-so-irritating foot problems.

"My feet are wide and my toes curl up."

Hammer toes are what occurs when "Instead of the toe laying flat in alignment with the foot, the first bone of the tone is bent upwards and the second tilted downward forming an inverted 'V'." 

To combat this, "Choose a shoes which will provide extra width, and depth at the front to avoid putting pressure on hammer toes."

Hero style 'Mercy' does just this - truly 'Mercy' for the foot.

Suede high heels for women with bunions and wide feet

"The front of high heels always cut across my bunion."

All of our shoes have been cut to avoid cutting across painful, protruding joints at the base of your big toe. Not only do they avoid cutting across bunions, but Sole Bliss shoes offer an interior stretch panel to accommodate your bunions inside the shoe, rather than squashing them.

"As a bunion sufferer myself, I know it's important to have space and support at the front of my shoes to ensure comfort." 

Our bunion friendly heels - for example, 'Ingrid' - have a deep and wide toe box with a circumference of up to 3 sizes bigger than your usual shoe size, which gives your toes space to breathe and relax.

block heels for bunion sufferers and wide feet

"The soles of my feet have lost their padding and heels are painful."

In every pair of Sole Bliss shoes, you'll find three distinct underfoot layers of memory foam, each assisting in a different way. 

Dawn says, "What's incredible about these shoes is the triple-layer cushioning underfoot. The base layer is for shock absorbency, the middle layer contours around the shape of the foot and the top layer offers cushioning under the whole foot."


slim heel for women with bunions, hallux valgus and wide feet

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