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7 Top Tips of How to Care for your Toes (and Feet!)

7 Top Tips of How to Care for your Toes (and Feet!)

25th Feb 2019

Because if you don’t love your feet, who will? The Sole Bliss team are here to help you care for your feet this New Year!

“New Year, New Me”… we hear it a million times and set ourselves a number of challenging New Year’s resolutions but how long do we really stick these out for? Well it’s time to set an important New Year’s resolution that is easy to stick to… give your feet some love in 2018!

Give your feet the treat they deserve with a DIY pamper session. Here are our 7 top tips of how to care for your feet!

  1. First things first, massage your feet! Spending a few minutes massaging your feet will encourage blood circulation and relieve discomfort if you’ve been on your feet for long periods of time
  2. Soak your feet – using warm water and a mild soap/cleanser, let your feet soak for 5 minutes then dry thoroughly
  3. Indulge in a foot scrub to soften feet (take care not to use in between toes which is usually more delicate skin)
  4. File your feet using a specialised foot file or pumice stone to remove any excess dry skin
  5. Use a moisturiser (we like Cocoa butter or Peppermint foot lotions) to make your feet feel super supple
  6. Wear cotton socks – Wearing soft cotton socks will not only allow your feet to breathe but could add some shock absorption!
  7. Always wear shoes that provide full support for your feet and ankles!
Top 7 tips of how to take care for your toes and feet by Sole Bliss
Love Your Feet

And there you have it; some essential points to keep your feet in tip top condition! Just a little TLC and wearing the right shoes each day will do wonders for your feet so you can blissfully skip through 2018!

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