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5 Top Tips to Prep Your Feet for Summer

5 Top Tips to Prep Your Feet for Summer

25th Jun 2019

Your feet take the most punishment throughout the year. From squeezing into ill-fitting shoes to pounding on the pavement, your feet need the TLC they deserve.

Here at  Sole Bliss, we care about your feet and with summer on our doorstep, we understand the importance of healthy, pretty feet! We've compiled our 5 top tips for prepping your feet for your holiday, this summer:

1. Wash your feet daily

Wash and dry your feet thoroughly in the morning and again at night t remove sweat and odour caused by bacteria. Wash between your toes as this is where athletes foot is prone to develop but also pat dry as this will reduce friction from rubbing.

2. Exfoliate twice a week

Epsom salt, a natural exfoliant containing magnesium sulfate, can be added to your footbath, however, soaking for a long period of time can dehydrate your feet. Gently use a pumice stone to exfoliate hard skin can work miracles and is a step towards smooth feet!

3. Use a moisturiser specifically for your feet

The skin on our feet are naturally tougher so it's only right to treat our feet to a good cream. if your feet need lots of hydration, apply your foot cream before bed and wake up with noticeably softer skin.

4. Cut your toe nails in a straight line

Pretty feet are a must for summer regardless if you're a bunion sufferer. Cutting your toenails straight across or not too low at the edge or down the side will help prevent an ingrown nail. Also, cut them after a bath or shower when the nail is much softer. Treat yourself to a pedicure to one of our favourite salons.

5. Apply SPF to your feet

With the sun out and temperatures rising, SPF becomes every one's best friend! Make sure you protect your feet from the sun too- they'e just as sensitive to sunburn as the rest of your body.

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