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10 Top Tips for Foot Health Month

10 Top Tips for Foot Health Month

25th Feb 2019

Have you heard about Foot Health Month?

It’s an important month for us here at the Sole Bliss office because it’s Foot Health Month! Foot Health Month is an annual awareness campaign to help people understand the importance of foot health as part of their overall health, and for people to visit a podiatrist when they need to!

Founder of Sole Bliss and Lisa Kay London, Lisa has 10 Top Tips for how to care for your feet. All so you can feel comfortable and confident this summer:

  • Visit a podiatrist. As the average person uses their feet to walk 150,000 miles in their lifetime (equivalent to walking round the world 5 times!) it is really important to look after your feet. If your feet are hurting, do visit a podiatrist for professional advice.
  • Maintain a foot care routine. Wash your feet daily in warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly, paying special attention to the area between the toes.
  • Use a foot file twice a week on any dry skin, being careful not to over-file. Always moisturise your feet afterwards. If you suffer from dry skin, moisturise every day or every other day.
  • Cut your toe nails in a natural line, not straight across. Be careful not to cut them too deep, especially at the sides, to avoid any nail trauma or ingrowing toe nails.
  • Treat yourself to a salon pedicure. Relax while a professional does all the hard work! If you paint your toe nails at home, always remember to use a base coat to avoid nail discolouration.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in public places, especially in communal changing rooms and by the side of swimming pools. Wear flip-flops instead to avoid picking up any infections.
  • Wear shoes with leather lining so that your feet can always breathe and so that your shoes do not rub when your feet become warm.
  • Wear different heel heights. Varying the height of your shoes is good for your calf muscles. If you wear heels all the time, your muscles can become shortened, likewise if you wear flats all the time, you muscles will always be extended. You need a variety!
  • Make sure you wear the right size shoes. Shop for footwear in the afternoon, as everyone’s feet swell slightly during the course of the day. Interestingly, 60% of people have one foot bigger that the other, so buy shoes which comfortably accommodate your biggest foot.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes! If you are among the 10 million women in the UK who suffer from bunions, buy shoes which accommodate them. Sole Bliss shoes have been especially designed for bunion sufferers who are looking for the same fashionable footwear styling that non-sufferers are accustomed to. A wide fit, deep toe box and an invisible stretch panel accommodate and support your bunions and 3 layers of underfoot memory foam provide ultimate cushioning and comfort.

Want regular advice this month on the best ways to care and look after your feet? Follow the #FootHealthMonth hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

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