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10 Best Ways to Manage Bunions Without Surgery

10 Best Ways to Manage Bunions Without Surgery

Posted by Kinga Vagany on 10th Jan 2020

Sole Bliss's 10 Best Tips on How to Manage your Bunions

What are the best 10 ways to manage your bunions without surgery? 

Surgery isn’t the only way to relieve painful bunions, there are non-invasive methods to manage your bunions and put your feet along the path of a cushioned and comfortable life. There are numerous underlying causes of bunions, such as genetics and ill-fitting that might make you consider bunion surgery, however, it is not guaranteed to be a permanent fix. Making small lifestyle changes like footwear or exercising will make a significant difference.

1. Wear Bunion Friendly Shoes

Although it might seem obvious to some, wide fit shoes are often mistaken for wide fitting shoes for bunions. The truth is that, while they have enough room in the front to accommodate bunions, if you don’t suffer from wide feet the back of the shoe will not hold your heels in place. There is a considerable difference between having slim-to-normal feet, plus bunions, and suffering bunions in addition to wide feet (read our blog on the topic here). It is also common to have bunion on only one foot - therefore, wide fit shoes on a slim-to-normal width foot - without a bunion – will not be supportive and can lead to foot health issues in the future.

Sole Bliss took this into consideration when designing our collection of bunion shoes . We offer wide fitting shoes for bunions and regular fit shoes for bunions. If you have bunion on one foot, there is a cleverly hidden stretch panel inside the shoe that will accommodate and cushion your bunion. The other half of the pair won’t use the stretch panel and will function as an ordinary shoe, and that foot will only enjoy the comfortable cushioning of the shoe. Clever right?

Sole Bliss produce shoes with award winning technology that accommodates bunions and wide feet

2. Avoid Shoes Without Arch Support

Suffering from bunions can be difficult when searching for footwear – arch support is a MUST! It’s seriously time to bin those flip-flops.

Every pair of Sole Bliss features arch support PLUS our 4 core components – triple layer underfoot cushioning, Bunion Bed®, wide toe box and anti-pronation device – for stylish, comfortable shoes. Lisa Kay, founder of Sole Bliss, spent 5 years developing the best shoes for bunions, which led to the award-winning technology. Sole Bliss empowers thousands of women to feel comfortable AND fashionable again with our shoes.

Innovative Sole Bliss technology inside the shoe

3. Shop by Comfort not size 

Prioritise comfort over shoe size! Sometimes it is difficult to tell which size is best for your feet because of the longevity of your bunions, hesitant on the best fit or unsure of the severity of your bunions. When shopping for shoes for bunions, we recommend trying different styles and sizes to determine which shoes feel more comfortable!

Sole Bliss has over 80 lines of shoesto choose from, all available in UK half sizes from size 3 to 9. Our on-hand customer service team are experts in footwear field, if you’re unsure of what style to try, give them a call, they’ll be happy to help! We encourage you to order 2 pairs of shoes so you can compare sizes or styles and decide which is the most accommodating – our return & exchange policy is efficient!

4. Move Your Toes Throughout the Day 

Free your toes and wiggle them! Your feet are squeezed into shoes for an average of ten hours a day. Take your shoes off for couple of minutes and let them move to improve the blood circulation to your feet.

5. Cushion Your Bunions 

Majority of shoes are not designed for bunions and lack depth at the front, meaning shoes require extra cushioning to ease the pain of your bunions. Sole Bliss shoes are designed with feet imperfections in mind. You won't see what is going on inside the shoes, but you will feel the benefit of the unique combination of components which ensure your bunions are cushioned and your feet are comforted with every step you take.

6. Soak Your Feet in a Foot Bath 

One of the most affective ways to relax your feet is to soak in a foot bath for approximately 15 minutes. Simply, use Epsom Salt if you experience swelling or Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to relax soothe your aching feet. Some of our Favourites are:

Foot baths are recommended for swollen feet

7. Ice Your Feet 

Icing your swollen feet can reduce swelling and ease pain. Put an ice pack in a towel and apply to the designated area and ice for 15-20 mins for optimum affect.

8. Put Your Feet Up! 

After sitting down in the same position for a long period of time, it is recommended to prop your feet at a 45 degree angle for 2-5 minutes at the end of a long day to increase blood circulation and reduce pain or swelling. Our top tips:

  • Lay down and make yourself comfortable on the floor, bed or sofa.
  • Elevate your legs by using a stack of pillows.
  • Make sure you keep your feet above your head and heart.
  • Ensure your safety and be careful that your position will not cause a back or neck injury.

9. Rest Your Feet 

Are you on your feet all day? Remember to take short breaks to rest your feet as this will take the pressure off your feet and bunions, so you can enjoy your day!

Bare feet with bunions

10. Massage Your Feet and Exercise 

At the end of each day, dedicate a couple a minutes to massage a foot cream into your feet, not only will it provide you with ultimate relaxation but will keep your feet soft! Regular exercise for 30 minutes a day can improve your overall health and help the pressure on your bunions. According to health-guru, Everyday Health ; these are the best exercises for those who suffer from bunions:

  • Toe Stretches
  • Toe flexing and contracting
  • Stretching your big toe
  • Resistance exercises
  • Ball roll
  • Towel Curls
  • Picking up marbles
  • Walking along the beach. 

To Summarise… 

The best practice to manage your bunions without surgery comes down to the type of footwear you wear and whether they support and accommodate your feet and bunions. Look for shoes designed for bunions and take your time selecting the most comfortable fit for you. You can manage pain and swelling with several natural techniques that we have suggested above.

Team Sole Bliss xo 

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