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 Sole Bliss, Stylish Shoes for Ladies with Bunions & Wide Feet


At Sole Bliss Shoes, we believe that the millions of women who suffer from bunions deserve shoes which are 

fashionable AND comfortable too. It’s that simple!

The game-changing footwear brand for elegant & comfortable shoes for bunions…


The Shoe Expert - Lisa Kay


Our shoes for bunions and wide feet have been designed and developed by the expert shoe designer, Lisa Kay, who is best-known for her eponymous Lisa Kay London brand. With more than 35 years in the business, Lisa has the expertise and the resources to create the most comfortable heels available.

Aware of the huge number of customers and women worldwide suffering from bunions, Lisa wanted to give these ladies with bunions and wide feet the opportunity to indulge in fabulous footwear and finally enjoy stylish comfort. So, inside every pair of Sole Bliss shoes you will find an ingenious, innovative patent-pending technology to accommodate and comfort your bunions.



Collaboration with TV personality Dr Dawn Harper

We are so pleased to announce that this year, Dr Dawn Harper has joined the Sole Bliss team as our brand ambassador. A true lover of high heels, Dr Dawn is delighted to be on board with our brand that combines style, elegance & comfort.

 Dr Dawn says:

“The day I found Sole Bliss was honestly life-changing. They’re so comfortable, I can walk all day in them and my feet are really happy...I’d encourage any woman with bunions but still loves their heels to take a look at Sole Bliss!” 


Learn more about how Dr Dawn found her Sole Bliss! 

Why Our Bunion Shoes are Different

What sets us apart from other ladies comfort footwear brands is our ability to marry advanced shoe technology, quality materials with the latest trends, all within a fashionable & elegant pair of shoes.

Our shoes may look like an ordinary pair of elegant shoes however inside every pair; we use our special patent-pending Juanet Technology® which provides:

  • The Bunion Bed®- an invisible stretch panel to comfort and support the bunion area
  • 3 distinct underfoot layers of quality memory foam to cushion, contour and protect the foot and support the bunion
  • A memory foam pad to prevent the foot pronating


The innovative shoe lasts ensure that the shoes are elegant, yet deep and spacious at the front to support your bunions and wide feet. Luxuriously lined with super-soft, pale-pink leather lining, they are made from the finest suedes, leathers and Italian fabrics. All styles come in half sizes for the perfect fit and matching bags are available for occasion wear.

Now with the arrival of Sole Bliss shoes, ladies who suffer from bunions will be able to experience the same level of comfort and elegance!

Learn more about our forward-thinking bunion shoe technology…

Where can I Buy Sole Bliss Bunion Shoes?

We exclusively sell our full Sole Bliss shoe collection online. You can also purchase Sole Bliss shoes at Lisa Kay Shoes (Whetstone, North London). For more information click here.


Customer Service

If you are hesitant about ordering shoes online, the Sole Bliss team is more than happy to deal with any enquiries by telephone on +44 (0)1923 227400. A helpful and efficient customer service representative can process your order for you or answer any questions you may have, from sizing and styling queries to information about delivery and returns.


Sole Bliss Bunion Shoes – Style meets Comfort


Thousands of women who ‘could never wear heels’ have now found shoes for their bunions which finally combine fashion AND comfort.

See what some of our delighted customers are saying:


“My shoes have just arrived and I’m tearful at how amazing they look and feel! Perfect size, adorable shoes. Thank you so much!” 

Jill, London


“Feeling quite emotional that I can actually wear such stunning shoes. They fit. They actually fit. And the matching handbag is gorgeous too. Thank you Sole Bliss” 

Nadya, Bristol


“Brilliant customer service and care.  Beautiful, comfortable shoes with heels which I never thought I would be able to wear again.  I love them!” 




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